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2013-10-23 12:40 PM
in reply to: AtlantaBill

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Subject: RE: Bottles on the Bike?

My assumptions: advice to a MOP first-time IM and whose primary goal should be to finish  <snip>,

All well and good, but why do you have to resort to characterizing advice that does not agree with yours as "dumb"?

And frankly, the OP never said he just wanted to finish, I think it's a little (actually, quite) presumptuous to tell him what his goal *should* be, i.e. just to finish.  Perhaps he wants the best time he can possibly get? 

I really don't understand the "plan to stop" vs. "not plan to stop."  The concensus advice was to load up SN with whatever they think they might need in case they need it at that time.  Thus, planning to stop if necessary.  If the advice was don't stop, we would have said don't put anything in SN.  Personally, I have not stopped at SN because, as the race unfolded, I didn't need to.  But it was there in case I did.   Sort of a silly conversation anyway.  Put stuff in SN.  You need it, stop for it.  You don't need it, don't stop for it.  No further "plan" necessary in that regard.


2013-10-23 12:45 PM
in reply to: devilfan02

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Subject: RE: Bottles on the Bike?
i plan on racing my race.. how i trained and that includes no special needs bag. I would be truly pissed if i stopped and took 3-5 min to find a bag for a "snack" that you really dont need and missed my goal time by 5 min. it is your own race... if you want to stop... then stop. If you want to order a pizza to be delivered on shea and beeline do it. asking what others are going to do and changing your plan this late is asking for stomach issues on race day. Lets go out there race our off and have a great time
2013-10-23 2:11 PM
in reply to: Tryrn

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Subject: RE: Bottles on the Bike?

I stopped 3 out of 4 x for bike sn in my IMs, never did it take 3-4' to get my bag. IMFL is effiicient at calling out your number at turn around with a megaphone so it is ready by side of the road as you pull up if volunteers are able to get it in time. Bike SN is spread out and sorted by numbers so it may be 100 yards or longer of space. I've been able to stop keep one foot clipped in and get my stuff and off I go more like 30" later.


2013-10-28 7:05 PM
in reply to: #4880603

Subject: RE: Bottles on the Bike?
For my second IM I'm thinking of trying a multi hour bottle which I drink from every 15 minutes or so on my frame and use the bottle between my aerobars for water and Gatorade depending where I am on the course in Lake Placid.
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