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The Fall 50 - Run

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Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
United States
The Fall 50
45F / 7C
Total Time = 7h 00m
Overall Rank = /
Age Group =
Age Group Rank = 0/
Pre-race routine:

Had to take the bus up to Gills rock
By the time we got up there didn't have a lot of time. Just enough to put some extra gear in a bag for the half way exchange.
  • 9h 04m
  • 50 miles
  • 10m 53s  min/mile

The plan was to try and maintain 11 min/mile pace, with a slow jog at the end of each mile.After the first few miles I met up with a friend that I missed at the start and we ended up running together. Having someone to talk with made the miles go a lot faster. I was a little worried a few times when I checked my watch to see we were running under 10 min pace. But was feeling ok so I just went with it. It was just so great having someone to run with I just wanted to keep it up till at least after 30 miles. I had my water pack filled with ice tea and pockets filled with fig newtons, but they work for me so I tried to make sure I was eating.

20 - 30 mph winds out the the NW, good thing we were heading south. A few times we headed west into the wind but it could have been worse.

As we got closer to 20 miles I started looking forward to the 28 mile mark were they would have soup and sandwiches.
Passed through the half way mark in around 4:20, so I felt good about the fact that I had banked an hour for my goal of making it under 10 hours.
At 28 miles had some food and changed out of the Hokas, hated to do it but I was getting a blister.
After a little longer stop it was very hard to get moving again. The change of shoes felt a little tight, thought I would wait till the next exchange to loosen them up. They started to feel better until the blister popped. Stopped at one the aid stations and they put a bandaid on it.

After 30 miles I felt like my pace was slowing a little and let my running partner go ahead, I didn't want to slow him. Now I was focused on the 40 mile mark. If I could hold on I had plenty of time to get in by 10 hrs. The next couple stations I was in and out before my firend and started to get a little ahead of him. Legs were hurting a lot so I took a couple more asprin, not sure how much they would help

It was nice having the relay going on, it help put more people out on the course so I wouldn't have to run alone. Our race numbers had Solo on them so they would cheer us on.

After the 30 mile mark I started taking my 1 min walk at the end of each mile. My watch mile markers were about 1/2 mile off from the course mile markers so I took my breaks with the course markers which made it a little harder to know what my pace was.

After I hit mile 40 I couldn't believe how good I was feeling, even though my legs hurt a lot I was still keeping a pace under 11 min. At this point I started counting down to mile 45, 10 miles was still too big of a number. At 45 I felt like I could pick the pace up. I couldn't believe after 45 miles I was able to run 10 min miles. The final mile was around 9 min pace. Couldn't believe I was coming in under 11 min pace. It was so great finishing my first 50 mile run.
What would you do differently?:

I don't think I could have had a better race.
It would have been nice if I could have refilled my pack with more tea instead of the water and gatorade.
Post race
Warm down:

After i finiished I waited for my friend to come in, he was only 9 minutes back.
It was so cool having runners from the teams come to me after the race and tell me how great I did. One team said I looked really good out there. They saw younger (does that mean I am old?) runners out there that looked like they were dead.

Maybe this distance is a better fit for me than the marathon.

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09:04:00 | 50 miles | 10m 53s  min/mile
Age Group: 0/
Overall: 0/
Performance: Good
Course: Great course. Enough hills to keep it challenging. Great scenery with the fall colors. A few places the cars were a little close.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
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Very nice job, LumberDad!

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