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2013-10-28 4:46 PM

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Subject: What are people doing for the next 6 months
After recovering from running the 'Run for the Toad' (October 5,2013) and a busy triathlon season, I find myself unsure of what to do for maintenance over the winter

I cross train as much as I can but no structure - trying to make it fun until January

I will mountain bike as long as the trails are not frozen

As for most of us in Southern Ontario race season will start late May

Feel free to share you wealth of knowledge

Thanks in advance


2013-12-04 8:54 AM
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Subject: RE: What are people doing for the next 6 months
I needed some recovery after a fall marathon, so I signed up for a handful of shorter gimmicky & not necessarily chip timed fun runs so I'd stay in the habit of running a bit.... while having a blast doing it!
(so far so good)

apart from that (& sticking with an informal 3 x a week running habit), I swim twice a week with my masters group
& I'm just about to incorporate a weekly computrainer ride to make an HONEST attempt to acquire some cycling legs!
(far & away my weak spot)

I like it... b/c it involves a mix of indoor (swimming & cycling) + outdoor (running) activities.

and it's enough to keep me going til the new year so I can properly train for my usual favourite late-winter/early-spring races

but I am NO expert!

just my $0.02
2013-12-04 12:31 PM
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St Catharines, Ontario
Subject: RE: What are people doing for the next 6 months
I have a couple of winter events booked to avoid dropping off the planet completely.

Grimsby Family Day run (Subaru Series). Not sure about 10k or HM yet.

Then my 15k part of the Around the Bay (relay) at the end of March.

Both booked to force me to keep some running miles going.

Got a LS 9.9 indoor bike in the black friday weekend deals and hope to put a lot of miles on it with the aim of working out even in the worst weather and also putting in some longer fat burning sessions and coming out of the winter trimmer.

Will keep swimming weekly but am going to swap with my wife (one week her, the next me) going to an open swim coach session at our local pool. my wife went this week and she said she got a ton of advice and was coached through some drills. So I hope to finish the winter having had 10 or so of these group lessons and having tuned up my crawl a bit.
2013-12-04 2:16 PM
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Subject: RE: What are people doing for the next 6 months

I'll keep training volume similar to the summer, with the exception of the long ride.  2.5+ hours on the trainer is just no fun.  Otherwise I'll aim to run about 4x per week, follow a structured ride program (but only about 3x per week), and swim 3-4x per week.  Planning on doing the Chilly Half which will keep me focused for the next 12 weeks.


2013-12-04 7:27 PM
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Subject: RE: What are people doing for the next 6 months
I'm just running right now, planning the peterborough half marathon in Feb. and the Ottawa half marathon in May.
2013-12-06 3:39 PM
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Subject: RE: What are people doing for the next 6 months
Thank you guys for the input - I was starting to wonder that my peeps were really going underground this time of year

Since the TOAD - been struggling with a hip and heel issue - so being laying low

Still swimming twice per week and some spin classes / trainer ride... basement staring to smell like LA Fitness in Burlington - NOT NICE

Trying to run more (when I get better) as this is the only place I lack speed - run focused for me this off-season

Already mapped out the 2014 races and will definitely do the new races for both Multi-Sport and Subaru and the new XTERRA Serie in Ontario through
ELEMENT RACING; need to keep it interesting with type of races / terrain etc.

Thanks again for your input and see you all very soon...


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