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2013-12-08 6:00 AM

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Sykesville, MD
Subject: FS: 2013 Parlee TTi (ML) frame set - $1350 shipped

Parting out a 2013 Parlee TTi. It is only a few months old. The bike is right around 17 lbs built and I can weigh the frame set if needed. 
2013 Parlee TTi medium-long frame set (54-55cm thereabouts

Nothing has been cut in any way. The bike has been kept very clean. $10k+ msrp a few months ago built if not a tad more with the add-ons. Check the pics and let me know if interested. 

2013 Parlee TTi (medium-long) frame set with integrated TRP brake calipers, seat post, and fork - $1350 shipped (paid $4k+ in early spring of 2013)

Pics of the frame set built up here:

One pic below:

 photo IMG_5327_zps51ca3ca2.jpg

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General Discussion Classifieds - New and Used Triathlon Gear » FS: 2013 Parlee TTi (ML) frame set - $1350 shipped Rss Feed  

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