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2014-01-24 2:04 PM

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Clio, MIchigan
Subject: Discount for Running Times Magazine - Today Only $4.99

I know its not Tri specific, but I still enjoy reading it.  Not a bad deal $4.99 for a 1 yr subscription and you can purchase up to 4 years.  In case anyone else is interested.

2014-01-24 2:14 PM
in reply to: Shortyy

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Subject: RE: Discount for Running Times Magazine - Today Only $4.99
Thanks for this!

2014-01-25 9:12 AM
in reply to: vonschnapps

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Bellingham, WA
Subject: RE: Discount for Running Times Magazine - Today Only $4.99

One of the better uses of five bucks.  Coupon still works.

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