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2014-02-09 7:31 PM

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ann arbor, michigan
Subject: Promotion Wetsuit M-L
This is my first wetsuit. It is about seven years old but still in very good condition. I used it for my first two seasons, then bought a new wetsuit and this has been sitting in my closet since.


Promotion Brand men's sleeveless wetsuit. But....... It has a long sleeve top (kind of like the DeSoto top) that makes it in to a full wetsuit when worn with the sleeveless portion. Look at Promotion's website if you have questions about this set up.

Men's size medium-large. I am 5' 7", 150 and it is really too big for me. Probably a better fit for someone 5' 8"-11" and 160-180 or so.

I cut about 2 inches off the legs to make getting it off easier. It doesn't affect the performance.

It isn't worth much but it would make a really nice first wetsuit for someone getting in to the sport.

First $30 can have it. Just message me through the site.

If you are unhappy when you get it I want you to be satisfied..... Hopefully that won't be an issue.

2014-02-11 6:51 AM
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ann arbor, michigan
Subject: RE: Promotion Wetsuit M-L
Suit is gone. Wish I had more to send to everyone.
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