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2014-02-16 8:16 PM

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Subject: America Triple-T
Anyone doing the American Triple -T looking for a team mate or considering the weekend but won't register without a team mate? Look no further I want to race and don't have a partner. If you're interested let me know ASAP! Let's get registered before the price increase.

2014-08-01 2:53 PM
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Subject: RE: America Triple-T
Still looking for someone crazy enough to do this Triple T. 4 races over 3 days. I'm a 40 yr old age grouper that has my good days and bad days. I live in the dublin area and have great places to train. Either male or female. There has to be ONE person crazy enough to do this event next May with me.
2014-09-03 7:34 AM
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Subject: RE: America Triple-T
I did the little smokies this year (half IM on Sunday) and already signed up for TTT next year.. No need for a teammate, just go have fun.
2014-09-04 5:37 PM
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Subject: RE: America Triple-T

I'm all short course next year, or I might take ya up on this.   That said, when I return to long course in 2016 I think I'll do TTT solo.... you just go slower

2014-09-07 3:23 PM
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South eastern Ohio
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Subject: RE: America Triple-T

I have done it in the past and am doing it again next year. But as a Solo. You should do it even if you
don't find a partner. It is a great race and a great time. I'm too slow to be a partner...heck sometimes I'm
even too slow for me.



2014-09-25 10:27 PM
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Elgin, IL
Subject: RE: America Triple-T
I just posted on this race as well … does anyone know anyone that did the race this year and can download GPX files from a Garmin? I have talked to Computrainer and they can can make the files available for riding over the winter … I would like to see what I got myself into ahead of time.

Let me know or message me. I know the course changes a bit

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