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Subject: Need Direction...
Hey Guys and Girls,

I have finally taken the plunge and decided to start training for triathlons, looking towards the end of 2014 into 2015.

Only problem, I have no idea. Well I do, more so in the equipment side of things. I am running a couch to 10k, a swimming program which should have me swimming 1500 in a session in hopefully 10 weeks, but dont have a bike at the moment so just using the Spin Bike at the gym.

I am going to go and get fitted up tomorrow for a bike, is there anything I should look for? Specific groupset?? Stay with Alloy or go Carbon?? I really dont want to spend over 1500, including clips, shoes and helmet.

Do you recommend joining a club? Or going at it alone for a while?? Im located near Frankston.

Well thats all I can think of right now, I'm sure something else will come to mind.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

2014-02-28 7:37 PM
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Subject: RE: Need Direction...


Certainly take advantage of this site, there's a heap of info out there and some good training plans available at little to no cost.

There's a fair few clubs on the Peninsula and I know there's a tri tomorrow at safety beach, would have been awesome for you to have signed up and had a crack.

In terms of a bike, I know you're getting fitted today, but the other option would be to have a look on bike exchange/ebay when you know your size. You might be able to pick up a slightly cheaper second hand model. You may hate riding or triathlons in general! (Unlikely, but hey...something to think about before dropping all the money, like a friend of mine did). For me the bike is all about the fit. I ride an '07 Specialized (female specific) that I love (old school carbon forks, alloy frame), because its the right size. Along the way Ive upgraded/changed the group set (to help my knees), recently upgraded the wheels and of course I have some clip on tri bars. Lets face it, I'd love a new bike, but I also like going overseas and paying my mortgage

I joined a club after my first season of the mini tris. Made some great friends and had some awesome training partners and learned a lot. I had a small hiatus from racing tris and during that time my work situation has since changed to shift work/varying hours so I can't commit to a club, I now train when I can. I have friends who are coached via email and am looking at going down that path.

You need to work out whats going to make the most of your time and finances.

Good luck!

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Subject: RE: Need Direction...
Thanks Cassie,

Yeah have been looking at second hand but figured it would be a good idea to know what size I would need. Turns out 58-61 apparently. I would like to keep it on the lower end (sub 1500, because I also like to travel, off the Ireland in a few weeks actually) and then if I really enjoy racing, upgrade the race bike and keep this one as a training bike.

Your situation sounds a little like mine, being a train driver (well in training anyway) I have variable hours so it may be a little hard to commit to a club. I have a friend who has run a couple of Tris so will try and organise a few sessions with him.

Thanks for the tip on bike exchange.

Take care
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