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2014-03-03 9:46 AM

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Bradenton, Florida
Subject: Nutrition Help
This is my first season attempting an ultra distance race (Palm Bluff 50k in May) and I am struggling with my long run nutrition. So far my long runs have been 16, 18 and 16 miles. Both of the 16's were run on the roads and the 18 was on trails. During both 16's I dropped 6-8 pounds and had to finish walking due to cramping in my quads and hamstrings. The 18 I survived only dropping about 3 pounds. For all of my long runs I've been using a combination of Perpetuem, Stinger Waffles, and Salt Stick pills. This combination worked great for my last HIM but now doesn't seem to be effective. What are you using? How much fluid? How often? Solid food or gels? Any help is greatly appreciated.



2014-03-03 11:34 AM
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Subject: RE: Nutrition Help
With a 50K i treat like a marathon, I take in a couple gels usually starting around mile 9 or so, have my handheld to remind me to drink and top it off at each aid station. If the AS's have pretzels and such I will grab those and they replace some of the salt - super hot days I take my scaps. Mile 28 there is something super special on a 50K about a bite size payday.
2014-03-03 5:04 PM
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Subject: RE: Nutrition Help
I like a bagel as food for an ultra. I usually do fruit, bagels, gels, defizzed coke and m&m's or some other chocolate for a boost, chips or pretzels too. You need to experiment during the training runs though to find what works for you. Make sure you are drinking enough also.
2014-03-03 5:17 PM
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Subject: RE: Nutrition Help

if you're dropping pounds... it's dehydration.  Food doesn't weigh much, but water sure does.

i guess the 1st rule is to start the race well hydrated.  That doesn't mean drinking a gallon a couple hours before the race.  Your body can only absorb so much liquid so fast.  generally 16-20oz/hr.  So, it may take DAYS to get yourself to where you are properly and fully hydrated before race day.  

The longer the race, the more real food you need.  Depending on how long the 50K will take you (varies greatly), you may want more solid food than just a waffle stinger.  Or, add to the repertoire with other foods.  You need to practice this before race day- to make sure your stomach puts up with what you're throwing at it.  I find that cliff bars stay down well for me.  The various gels/gu's/beans and blocks are all pretty easy for most to digest.  So, buy a few flavors at your local running shop and see which ones you like the best... then buy a box.  Unless it's a really technical and slow 50K, you should be able to do it all on the aforementioned Bloks/gels/Gu and sports drink stuff.  Oh- whenever you eat a gel... you must drink to go with it.  I use taste as a guide, mixing sports drink and water to taste.  

If it's hot and you need more sodium- some of the gels (like Power Gel, or E-Gel) have quite a bit more.  As does the margarita flavored Cliff Shot Bloks.  If you're drinking a lot, but just peeing a lot and still losing weight- then you're likely not getting enough electrolytes.  

2014-03-04 10:31 AM
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West Allis, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Nutrition Help

one school of thought that works GREAT for myself is to work my nutrition plan, for any race of any length, is to go by time and not mileage.  mileage based nutrition plans can work if you are doing a basically steady pace.  for me what i do is to take my first gel about 10 mins prior to the start of the event so that it is in the system at the onset.  Thirty mins into the event i take the next gel and then every 45 mins after that.  for fluids for a mary or shorter i take a cup of water at every aid station and alternate gatorade as well.  for longer than marathons where the aid stations are further apart typically, i carry a two holster fuel belt (one water/one gatorade) and sip each every 5 mins.  not gulp, just sip!  for food i eat about every two hours but only for races over marathon distance for running and HIM and ironmans for triathlons.  I like to eat Special K  snack bars, chocolatey pretzels being the best tasting in my opinion!


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