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2014-03-12 9:55 PM


Subject: Tri or Road Bike - Please Advise
I am looking to buy my first bike before summer rolls around.

Has anyone gone through this process recently in the GTA area and have any tips on which stores have the best deals at the moment.

My budget is anywhere from $1000 to $2000. I am 6'3" so I would need a pretty large frame.

Can someone recommend what bike I should get, in their opinion, given the deals that are on now. My understanding is that now is one of the best times to buy as its off-season and places are getting rid of their 2013 models.

One bike shop that I have heard good things about is does anyone have any experience dealing with them?

Another place, to have a nice looking Cannondale CAAD 10 5 for sale for $1439. What do you think of that deal and bike?

Sincere thanks!

2014-03-18 4:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri or Road Bike - Please Advise
Hello George

Go to Cycle Path - Yonge and Eglinton and speak to Mike he is a good friend of mine - tell him that Jean (french guy) sent you in
Please call him before at the store to make sure he is there if you decide to go

They sell Norco and Ridley

The 2013 Norco Valence / Tactic are great bikes
I have the 2012 CRR 2 full Carbon with Apex and I loved this bike - road bike
My TRI bike is an Argon 18 E80 from Wheels of Oakville with upgraded rims

One of the Norco Tactic model was reviewed in a recent edition of Canadian Triathlon Magazine; they also reviewed this year's Norco Tactic model in this month's edition of Canadian Cycling - top end model though

Wheels of Oakville should also have some decent deals - they also sell Cervelo but not sure what the deals are on these machines as i am not in the market for a Cervelo

The RBInc store advertised a lot on Kijiji for Jamis bikes - not sure about after sale service' you can try Brown Cycle South Kinsgway and Bloor area - they sell various sport equipment but last time I was there they had some mean machine for road bikes

Happy shopping


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2014-03-26 2:15 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri or Road Bike - Please Advise

Hi George,

As Jean has mentioned, Cycle Path is a good option and will have a large selection of bikes.

I bought my road bike at the Oakville location - a Trek 2.1 - and then my tri-bike at D'Ornellas in Scarborough:

D'Ornellas sponsors the Multisport Canada Tri series and at the time was offering a discount for racers.

I traded a few emails with one of the sales people and ended up getting a better deal than the MSC discount.

It was a Felt B16 and included the fit, but a lot of people recommend that you see a fitter first to see what bikes will fit you.

I am a little skeptical that the fitter will end up recommending only those bikes that the shop carries, but this may not be an issue if they have a wide variety of bikes.

I believe that Gears offers this service for under $100.

Good luck with your search.


2014-04-04 5:07 AM
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Subject: RE: Tri or Road Bike - Please Advise
Hello again

Scott is absolutely right - if you go for a tri bike - make sure you get a good fit; depending where you live - Gears and a place in Milton (I cannot recall the name) will do it - it can go up to $250

New World Cycle in Burlington is starting to use the GURU system

Dornella's is actually very good all around - go check them out

Let us know what you find / do / buy



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