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2014-03-26 9:03 PM

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Subject: Aquabike experience
I'm planning out my race schedule, and one of my favorite races has moved locations and changed from a sprint and Olympic to an Olympic and a HIM.

I'm still considering doing it, but I've never done an Olympic before. Have done several sprints and have run standalone 10ks and half marathons. However, I'm a really terrible runner (10k in about 1:20, half marathon in 3 hours). I'm a good swimmer and an average biker.

So I'm considering the Aquabike option, partially as a way to ease into Olympic distance and partially because there are separate awards for Aquabike and I'm wondering if I worked hard enough on bike training if I could be up there.

Has anyone done an aquabike option before? Do you just swim and bike, and then stop (no finish line or anything)? It seems kind of anti-climatic when everyone else is heading out for a run. Would love to hear your experience and thoughts on it. Thanks!

2014-03-26 9:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Aquabike experience
Do the full Oly, you will enjoy the challenge and kill it. I have never done an aquabike but I bet at the end of it I would regret not having done the run leg of the race. I assure you, I am no runner, my times look a lot like what you say yours are, but it is challenging myself that keeps me at this.
2014-03-26 9:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Aquabike experience

I've aquabiked before and it was a lot of fun. I like doing various combinations, not just tri every time. The finish was just crossing into T2, and this does seem fairly typical. At the main one I did we were allowed to go to the run finish at our leisure and run through the finish line there for finish photos, finisher medal, and anything else they gave out over there. This could vary by race though.

As far as helping out to transition up in distance, it could if some of the parts you end up doing make you nervous. It's harder for me to say from experience as I was able to extend out rather quickly. In your case, it could if you're wondering about biking that much. You could also look at is as what seems to be the most fun, and will likely have you wanting to train more/better. And in that will set you best for longer term. It's all going to help in future races.

2014-03-26 10:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Aquabike experience

I spent the majority of last year racing aqua bikes after recovering from knee surgery. Running is one of my favorite parts of triathlon so aqua biking seemed  anti -climatic. It was fun but also depressing because I wanted to run and couldn't. 

 Depending on the race you may or may not cross a finish line after the aqua bike. You will also have to wait until the triathlon is over for the combined awards ceremony. If you decide to leave after the AB, you will more than likely have to take your bike past runners on the course.

You can kill the bike and crush a lot of guys ego's as you speed past them knowing that you don't have to save anything for the run.


Work on your run. 

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2014-03-30 7:07 AM
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Subject: RE: Aquabike experience
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I am still debating...I think I could do the whole Olympic, but I'm not sure if I want to right now. I'm struggling a little coming back from an ankle injury. My ankle is mostly fine, I'm just back to that stage where running is really hard because I haven't done it in awhile and I forget what it's like to actually enjoy it!

The aquabike does sound like a lot of fun to me, especially knowing I don't have to save anything for the run, but I'm wondering if I'll be a little let down during the race when I stop and everyone else keeps going. I'll keep thinking about it...the price goes up April 1st but it's only $10 more, so I think I'll wait a little longer and see how I'm feeling in a month or so.
2014-03-30 7:34 AM
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Subject: RE: Aquabike experience

I've aqua biked several HIM's before and would like to again this year. I am always perfectly happy and very relieved not to have run 13 miles after swimming & cycling. Knowing I did not have to run changed my whole approach to the other two disciplines. I felt like I could push myself and give those 2 events my all instead of pacing easy so I don't blow up on the run. The rest of the summer I was still able to participate in other short races where I could run instead of being laid up with foot injuries for 9 months like I was after the 1 and only full HIM I completed.

But that was all HIM distance, not Oly.

Have you thought about getting someone to run and making it a team? I always think that sounds fun but I don't plan my races enough in advance and trying to get someone last minute has not worked out.

Not crossing the finish line has never bothered me I guess. I think of it as my own little race against myself and focus on meeting my own goals.


2014-03-30 5:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Aquabike experience
hi I have done a handful of half i.m. aquabikes. I have a really bad knee and running should not be in the training program thus the aquabike gives me a great alternative. I still do Olympic tri's but that still is pushing it for the running 10k on my knees. I have found the aquabikes to be great. though many of the triathlons that offer the aquabike have fairly low number participating in the aquabike event. for a really good aquabike experience I would recommend vineman aquabike as it had a significant amount of participants. it is my hope as the aquabike name and option mature many more people will take advantage of this great option.

while this post is out there do any of you know of other tri's that seem to have a good field of participants for the half or full i.m. aquabike?
2018-10-30 10:48 AM
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Subject: RE: Aquabike experience
P.S. Thanks for asking. I have a HIM aquabike this weekend, my 1st aquabike, and an increase to this distance ... and had just got around to wondering the same thing about the ending.

I also like the comment from someone about the HIM distance ... I too think that I will be well-pleased crossing into T2 knowing that I do not have a run yet to go :-)
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