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2014-05-29 1:10 PM

Subject: toe numbness on the bike
just recently I started having numbness in my middle toe on my right foot when I bike. the numbness can be alleviated if I constantly curl and uncurl my toes while riding, but obviously, this can't be done the whole bike ride if I want decent speed. I have had my bike professionally fit - twice, as the first fitting was by someone who relied completely on a machine without actually looking at me . second fit was much better and in fact, I didn't start having this problem until months after the fit. I am assuming it has something to do with the saddle, but what? move it forward? backward? bring it up? I don't feel like I can bring it down any further and ride.

I do have some other aches, like my knees being a bit more sore than last season and not quite the same saddle comfort in the sit spots, but the foot numbness is really the biggest problem.

any thoughts on how to adjust the saddle to stop the numbness in my foot (I have orthos in my shoes already, have tried pulling them out and riding, same result). or, could it be the cleat placement on the shoe (which was also adjusted by the professional fitter)

2014-06-05 1:24 PM
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Subject: RE: toe numbness on the bike

I get some numbess in my toes if I wear road shoes vs tri shoes.  I don't wear the roaddies a lot.  If I loosen the upper a bit after ridding for awhile it seems to go away.

Hope it helps.

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2014-06-22 9:49 PM
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Subject: RE: toe numbness on the bike

Could be the saddle itself.  I swapped mine out because I was getting pressure and irritation that made me want to pee every 20 minutes.  After going to a new saddle, that problem was solved, as well as some big toe numbness I would get.

2014-06-25 10:16 PM
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Subject: RE: toe numbness on the bike
I have this issue but it's my big toe after ~3 hours of riding. I can't feel it and then my entire foot hurts like hell. Sometimes I have to stop and take my shoe off and massage it. I just went in for a fit last week and they pointed a laser line at my feet while pedaling. Right foot was perfect but my left one was all over the place. Said my knee went out and was not in a strait line. He added some shims to both feet, since his tool said my feet where not perfectly strait (like 85% of people) but my left was more out of balance and he added more there. He tested me again and this were a lot better but not perfect. I get to pick up my bike tomorrow (dropped it off for a fit and tune up) so I don't have the results yet but I'm hopeful things will be better on my 4.5 hour ride this weekend. My foot rather be at an angle and since bike shoes are flat, it puts a lot of strait on the nerves. The shims are supposed to actually make you pedal at an angle while your shoe is still flat.
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