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2014-06-09 9:16 AM

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Subject: Sick & IM training
I'm in the midst of training for IM LOU, following BT's 20-week4 plan. Did Raleigh 70.3 as a warmup 6/1 and did OK (but had some nutrition issues). Took a couple easy days (it was a drop-back week on the plan - good timing) and then got back into it...and now I'm completely out, crashed on the couch with a head cold. It started in my chest, moved up to my head, and seems settled. I've been sick since Saturday a.m. - managed 10 minutes on the trainer yesterday to see if I could do anything - and the answer is no. So basically I'm currently on day 3 of no activity.

I've done some research here & elsewhere - the consensus is that I need to get healthy rather than training through the sickness (and ending up even worse off). I've read the articles on how to come back, depending on how many days I'm laid low. What I'm worried about making sure I hit my key workouts this week (assuming this dam-blasted cold gets gone soon)...

Here's what's on the calendar:

45 swim, 110 bike (hard)
50 run (interval)
60 swim (speed)
140 run (with some z3, rest)
4h45 bike followed by 70 run brick
60 swim, 140 bike

I know that the brick is probably the key workout, but what other ones are key (not-to-be-missed, work them in at the cost of others, etc.).

IMLOU is my first IM - I'm just looking to get-er-done with what might resemble a smile.

Thanks for any advice.
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