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2014-06-21 4:19 PM

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Subject: Visiting Milwaukee in late August
I'm visiting family in Milwaukee in late August. I'd like to find a tri freindly gym to train at while I'm there. Would like to find some dirt running trails too. I'd like to ride too so any recommendations on renting a roadie and some suggestions on some good Sunday morning bike rides would be awesome. I'm training for IMAZ so my long bike ride on Sunday will probably be up to 5-6 hours by then.
Thanks for the input!!


2014-07-28 9:48 AM
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Visiting Milwaukee in late August
I belong to Wisconsin Athletic Club in Milwaukee. They have seven sites around town, including downtown. (Don't know where you're staying.) I'm not sure how you define "tri-friendly" but it's a good all-around gym.
Where in town will you be staying? That would help come up with an idea for a ride. There are some good trails a bit out of town, but if you're staying downtown (where I live) it can be a bit tricky getting to them. That said, Sunday morning is usually a great time to do that.
If you post where you'll be, or send me a private message, I can give you a couple of ideas. I'll also see if I can think of a good place for a bike rental.
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