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Subject: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
Hi folks,

Through a crappy run, I got a minor case of Plantar Fasciitis. I have 10 weeks till IM Chattanooga (my first) and am a bit worried about the run. Swimming I got, Biking I have multiple 80+ mile rides with a couple centuries to go, but my longest run this season has been 14 miles.

I'm determined to finish (even if I have to pop some Advil to walk faster), but does anyone have any training tips? How long does this usually take to recover? I'd hate to lose running fitness...Not super worried about the engine - I'm worried about the chassis :-). I'm in my last build week with 5 Peak weeks to go (that seems weird to me, but I am new at this. I'm following Team Challenge's workout schedule).



2014-07-19 8:56 AM
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Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
I have had PF a few times and here's what had worked well for me. Get some golf balls and keep them in the freezer and roll out your foot after each run, or when it is sore. To get through runs themselves, tape it with KT tape. You can find the YouTube video that shows you how. I did that and was able to keep running pain free as long as it was taped. Good luck!
2014-07-19 10:43 AM
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The Woodlands, TX
Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
Never had to deal with it myself, but I know a number of people who found relief from Arosti / ART type treatments. Took most of them between two and three visits, but cleared it up in about two weeks time. Apparently the sessions are seriously painful, and you have to be conscientious about working at home with the Lacrosse Ball / foam roller between sessions.
2014-07-19 11:23 AM
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Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
Guy that I know had 4 treatments of dry needling and it went away. hurts like a SOB though.
2014-07-19 1:05 PM
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Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
I had a PF flare-up a few weeks ago, and for me it's largely gone. Here's what I did:

1. stretch the foot in question, alot. I generally pulled my big toe back and pulled my whole foot up. 10 second stretch, 10 second rest - did this throughout the day
2. rolled the bottom of my foot with a lacrosse ball
3. threw out my sandals that have virtually no support
4. wore supportive footwear all day long - for me it was a reasonably new pair of sneakers. Don't go barefoot either.
5. bought new running shoes (I kinda needed them anyway)
6. ibuprofen helped

I found that the stretching and rolling my foot was helpful, but the supportive shoes/new running shoes helped the most.

I also took a week off from running (and I was only 6 weeks out of IMMT at the time) - completely cold turkey.

I started running 7ish days after my PF flare-up and at first it was reasonably comfortable. By my second run, I was pretty much back to where I left off. And I ran a 7.2 miles course around town last night faster than I have ever run the same course - completely destroyed my previous PR on that course and last night was 13 days after the initial flare-up

My case was mild and I think it mostly had to with my footwear. I would try these first, because it worked for me.

If you case is more severe, then perhaps some physical therapist would help.

Good luck!
2014-07-19 4:08 PM
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Greenwood, South Carolina
Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis

Take Turmeric and ginger root every day. Started doing this four years ago and no PF since.

2014-07-21 8:05 PM
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Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
I had the same thing happen a few years ago when doing my first IM. I finished the race and hobbled for a few weeks after. Nothing i tried helped, ice, rolling, the sock at night, a brace, injections, art, graston massage.... I ended up having surgery for baxter nerve impingement as well as a PF release. I can tell you that i used a water bottle frozen to roll my foot as much as possible and that felt better.... was strange i could run but would pay for it in the days to come. I wish you all the luck in finding something that helps!
2014-07-21 9:52 PM
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Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
I want to offer a bit of info that is more of a preventative nature than prescriptive. I've had to cancel races due to injury and I understand the fear and worry that goes through the mind when an injury happens so close to the event. In an effort to avoid this situation in the future I investigated ways to train effectively and without injury. I came across this website which has been helpful to me so far. Maybe it will be of use to you.
2014-07-21 11:22 PM
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St. Joseph, MI
Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
What helped me was athletic tape and youtube. I tried a few different ones and found a method I liked and it took a lot of pressure off of my foot. There are a lot of videos for PTs on how to properly tape a foot for PF. My 2 cents.
2014-07-24 3:01 PM
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Kailua, Hawaii
Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
I've been battling a PF issue for quite awhile. I can't really tell you how to solve it but things I've done to help get through more comfortably...

1. Pro Foot inserts, very low cost and effective IMO. Wear them when not training, all the time.
(Walmart / Amazon like $8)

2. wearing a boot as much as I can during sleep. I can't say it's solving the problem, but my foot feels WAY better after a night on the boot.
fairly low cost item off Amazon.

3. stretching and massaging. seems to help some.

4. rolling a golf ball....well feels good but not sure it helps.

5. usually do my long runs in my HOKAs to reduce discomfort over normal running shoes. I have been recently using Superfeet Orange as the insole.
Not sure if it is helping, but seems like a decent try. HOKAs are a neutral shoe, so adding the insole is more support.

My thought is the only solution to PF is stop running for an extended period, but that's not in my plan right now.

Good Luck !

2014-07-25 11:40 AM
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Williamston, Michigan
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Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis

Get a night splint too.  That is really what got rid of mine.  Its passive stretching all night

2016-11-21 8:26 AM
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Barcelona, Cataluna
Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
I have suffered PF and struggled wtih ti for many time but (hopefully) it is almost completely gone.
Fisrt, get custom orthotics because without them you will still hurt your foot with every step
To heal it I used cold-hot contrast baths and the best of all was the night splint. You can buy one or use old long socks to make one. The relief is great because it is all night stretching your calf and foot !

Take it easy, it takes long (I'd say months) to get rid of it, stop running for at least 20 days before you resume your training (and swim and bike a lot, certainly that will help you too)
2016-11-22 9:32 PM
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, Ontario
Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
I suffered for a year with PF. I continued to run through the pain with some short training breaks in hopes it would go away. I tried night splints, rolling with tennis golf and PF ball, rolling frozen water bottle, new shoes, stretching my tight calf, etc. The frozen water bottle and wearing supportive shoes 100% of the time ( I got a pair of Birkenstocks for around the house), stretching the foot with my hands and strengthening slowly with heel raises and lowers eventually got it to go away. Start early - you don't want this to last a year or more. Good luck your IM
2016-11-23 10:41 PM
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Subject: RE: 10 weeks till IM - got Plantar Fasciitis
Since the OP was written almost 2.5 years ago, hopefully the PF is gone by now.
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