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2014-07-21 7:23 PM
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Subject: RE: Race wheels advantage

Originally posted by msteiner

Originally posted by Fred D

Originally posted by gsmacleod
Originally posted by EchoLkScott I'm with Left Brain on this. The aerodynamic drag increases with the square of the velocity so it become far less important at lower speeds. All else being equal, the aerodynamic drag at 18.4 mph will be nearly 20% less than at 20 mph. Other factors (rolling resistance for example) don't exhibit this quadratic dependence on velocity. Scott I.
If you run the numbers, you will see that aerodynamic improvements will still make a significant difference below 20mph. Shane

Yes, that and the fact the slower riders are on the course longer, so while the improvements are not as great as a % for slower riders, the absolute number of minutes saved is actually larger.

I know that gets said a lot, but isn't that the equivalent of saying that slower athletes are really just getting their money's worth for the race fee?

Call back for second interview.

2014-07-21 7:32 PM
in reply to: msteiner

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