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2014-07-21 12:51 AM

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Port Moody, BC
Subject: Race Bucket
Hi, I was wondering what you people thought about using a bucket in transition. I've seen pictures of others using them but the flack that is generated, makes me wonder if it might be stupid. I'm hoping to have my transition things all set up and make sure it is comfortable.

2014-07-21 2:22 AM
in reply to: hazmaster

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Extreme Veteran
Langley, BC, 'Wet Coast' Canada
Subject: RE: Race Bucket
Rather than a bucket, I suggest you utilize a ...... Haz Mat

Hope you have been doing well.
2014-07-21 11:15 PM
in reply to: triosaurus

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It has been a bucket list item for years...something to do before I'm 25. Okay, maybe I'll push that to 30. Okay, maybe I'll let it go altogether.
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This company has quietly introduced the Inflatable Foot Rinse. It’s lightweight, portable, and solves all of the issues inherent in the ubiquitous plastic bucket.