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2014-07-24 9:00 AM

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Marietta, Ga
Subject: Self Motivation
Sometimes, a workout is a breeze and feels great. Most times, its painful and strenuous. When that voice comes into your head to stop, slow down, or quit, what do you say to yourself?

Running is by far the toughest of the three events for me. Sometimes, I'm tempted to pull up or quit early when the going gets tough and a particular training run becomes painful . But, I remind myself that in a race, they don't move up the finish line for anyone, so I shouldn't do it in training. I have a host of other rules about running that keep me going. For instance, I can't quit a run at anytime when running up a hill. I can only stop at the top or on a flat (and, who wants to do that?). Furthermore, if I've gone down a hill (been given the benefit of a decline), I can't quit until I'm at least back at the same elevation (or, put another way, till I've earned the benefit of that decline by running up its incline). Its all about controlling that voice in my head that wants the pain to stop.

When swimming, I race everyone in the lanes next to me. I also try make sure that I leave no earlier than anyone who was in the pool when I arrived.

Same for cycling. I love to race people who don't even know we're racing. When I'm passed on the street, it makes me work harder to keep up or overtake.

I know these may sound neurotic, but they things work to keep me focused. I'm interested to hear what others have to say, what other folks do to keep the motor going for training.

2014-07-24 9:22 AM
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Apple Valley, Minnesota
Subject: RE: Self Motivation
I like to find a rabbit to "race" when I run, There is a gal who I run into frequently, for about 3 miles I get to chase her, she holds ~ 8:00 pace, I will hold 8:30-9:00 and I have to pick it up for three miles, I also tell myself I won't stop, I rarely walk and never stop, unless its for traffic. I also attack hills, I figure the faster I am done with it the better. I also will run some loops around the neighborhood and try to lap people they also don't know we're racing.

For the bike I need to really invest in a trainer and spend the winter grinding out some time, or race toddlers on trikes.

For the swim I am usually out front in the pool, so I try to keep or build on my lead. I will count stokes and breaths and try to go lower without sacrificing my pace.
2014-07-24 12:16 PM
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Vancouver, BC
Subject: RE: Self Motivation

I don't do any running workouts, but for cycling and swimming, when I am training, I do have specific workouts already written down before I begin. Sometime it does get tough and I want to quit, but I know that I can finish the workout, so I just don't let myself quit. I'm pretty good at figuring out what parts of the workout are necessary and listening to my body for other factors, like injury and sickness, so I just push on. I visualize race day and wanted to know that I've done the work and that helps keep me going too.

I have been the "victim" of people who race me while cycling when I didn't even know we were racing. I think it is kind of weird. How do they know what my workout is? How is this randomness going to benefit them?

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2014-07-24 7:35 PM
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Subject: RE: Self Motivation
This is actually funny, the racing a stranger aspect. I would race a guy lap swimming thinking he didn't know, yet he was also racing me. Once we stopped to chat, every time we would end up swimming at the same time, it turned out to be a long speed workout! I couldn't stop myself from racing him, so eventually had to get in a lane further away.

I imagine more people, especially triathletes, have this thought, I race the people behind me too whether running or biking or swimming... Cause I know what there thinking
2014-07-24 9:52 PM
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Subject: RE: Self Motivation
Originally posted by Motivated

Sometimes, a workout is a breeze and feels great. Most times, its painful and strenuous. When that voice comes into your head to stop, slow down, or quit, what do you say to yourself?

I tell it 'just one more time.' Of course I'm lying, but the voice seems to be a pretty stupid since it keeps falling for it.

2014-07-25 3:58 AM
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Subject: RE: Self Motivation
I am fairly new to training (this year) and train by myself almost all the time. Aside from the past few weeks where I have been sick and unmovitaved, the rest I have done really well (for me!)

I've learnt that if I quit my planned workout or intensity, or give it a miss altogether.. I will feel really guilty and for lack of a better word, fat :P

2014-07-25 12:31 PM
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Marietta, Ga
Subject: RE: Self Motivation
Had a long swim today. A very attractive lady began swimming in the lane next to me about 15 minutes into my swim. I was lapping her about every 200 meters. I'd slow as I pulled alongside (thankfully, the anti-fog in my goggles was working well), then hustle after passing her to again catch her after 4 more laps. It really helped to pass the time and gave me motivation to keep up the pace.
2014-07-25 1:06 PM
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Denver, CO
Subject: RE: Self Motivation

I usually train alone and am new to the sport without much recent athletic background so I'm still working on building a solid base.  Most of my motivation is self-talk because I get discouraged if I try to compare myself with other people.  I will say, however, I get an absurd amount of satisfaction when I manage to go faster than the person in the next lane over.

When going up hills, whether biking or running, I never stop at the top.  I always push myself to accelerate *over* the top.  That usually gets me past the desire to stop because then I'm headed into something easier. 

It's also a great race tactic for psyching out the competition.  Not that I'm going to be psyching out any competition anytime soon, but that's what I've heard from DH who has a racing/coaching background.

Like enigma, guilt is a great motivator too.  If I can just get started, I'm usually good to go unless I overdo and poop out.  Then I give myself credit for even trying and use that old trope, "I'm still going faster than the people on the couch."

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2014-07-25 2:31 PM
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Subject: RE: Self Motivation
Originally posted by GotBackup

I like to find a rabbit to "race" when I run,

I have learned that I am the rabbit. It started a few years ago with 5ks and a 5 miler. After one race, a couple people approached me and said that they follow me because I keep a very steady pace, but get slightly faster with each race. They knew that if they paced off me, they would PR. Then, after my last tri, a woman thanked me for being her rabbit. She said that she has learned to wait for me to pass her on the bike (she is a faster swimmer than I am), then she keeps me in sight for the bike and run before kicking in the afterburners for the last half mile of the run. I had wondered why I had seen her pass me at the end of two races, and now I know. I am so focused on my own race that I don't even notice these people pacing off me. Whenever I try to chase rabbits, though, I burn myself out.
2014-07-25 4:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Self Motivation
my voices say " No Trabajo No Cerveza"
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