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2014-08-29 9:43 AM

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Subject: cervelo water bottle and air pump
Well, I took the plunge and am now the proud owner of a Cervelo P2. Does anyone have any advise about a water bottle, cage, and air pump? My old ones just don't look sleek on the aerodynamic frame.

2014-08-29 10:29 AM
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Orange County, CA
Subject: RE: cervelo water bottle and air pump

X Labs makes an accessory for (2) water bottles/CO2/Tube pouch that attaches directly to your seat post for Cervelo P2-

2014-08-29 10:59 AM
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Subject: RE: cervelo water bottle and air pump

I have the Xlab system with a small bag on the back of my seat.

I also use an aero bottle for races. 

All attached easily to my P3. 

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