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Subject: The total yards in swim training
Quick question on the custom plan i got.

In some of my swims the total distance does not match up the sum of the distances given in the blog of that training. Like in the example below. The total is given as 1050 yards where as the sum of the main set+cooldown is 700 yards. What is that i am missing?

Swim: 29 min 1050 yards

Main Set:14m /500 yards

Set #1 400 yards
Practice these warmup drills first for 10 minute before starting your drills:
Bob, Kick and Breath, Kick, Breath and Stroke. Then proceed into these drills:
2x(50 Drill: Kick On Side, 50 Drill: Six Kick Change)
4x(25 Drill: Kick On Back, 25 Freestyle)

Set #2 100 yards
Intervals: 2x50' on 5' rest
Pace: 03m 31s - 03m 10s /100 yards

Cooldown: 200 yards

Pace: - 03m 32s /100 yards
Freestyle at recovery pace

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Subject: RE: The total yards in swim training

I may see the problem.  You chose the 'new swimmer' option correct?  What race length of plan did you choose?  

Regardless of your answer, do the swim workouts as detailed out...don't try to do the extra 350 yards that is being added to the totals in some of the workouts.

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