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2014-12-05 12:58 AM

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Subject: rear blinking light
anyone have a suggestion for a rear blinking light that will fit a aero felt seat post?

2014-12-05 6:34 AM
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Subject: RE: rear blinking light
I gave up trying to find one. Instead I used the smaller of the two round mounts that came with a tail light. Wrapped some rubber around one of the seats two metal support rods in the back, and mounted the light there. works perfectly.


Get a saddle bag that has a spot to clip on a tail light.
2014-12-05 6:47 AM
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Memphis, TN
Subject: RE: rear blinking light
This is the one I use.

Rechargable and very good. I put it on my seatstay.

2014-12-05 7:31 AM
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Exton, PA
Subject: RE: rear blinking light
I have a cheap blinking light that clips onto the bag that under the seat. You need to take tools and spare tubes when you ride right.
2014-12-05 7:47 AM
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Subject: RE: rear blinking light

TriSports just had one listed with their Cyber Monday specials.  It is made by XLab, and is specifically made for tribike aero posts.  I'd check their website.

2014-12-05 9:17 AM
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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: rear blinking light

I use a Fly6, has an aero post adapter.


2014-12-05 9:32 AM
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Extreme Veteran
Chicago, USA
Subject: RE: rear blinking light
While not cheap, but the dinotte 400R rechargeable is pretty much the state-of-the art for a massively powerful rear red strobe blinking light. Heck, you'll outshine some emergency vehicles. These rear lights are even made for daytime use, which, in the age of highly distracted driving, is unfortunately a new daytime biking essential. (And, fyi, no connection between us and this company, just an impressed user of their lights.)

Greg @ dsw

2014-12-05 10:10 AM
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Denver, CO
Subject: RE: rear blinking light

I use these:  They clip onto clothing and pretty much anything fabric so you could put them on a pack under your seat as well.

2014-12-05 1:05 PM
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In front of computer when typing this.
Subject: RE: rear blinking light
I just found one at Performance Bike (not sure if you have those at your area but they ship too) that has rubber straps. I mounted it very easily on my seatstay. It is similar to this but was cheap (like $15) so you could get a couple and be very visible.
I have another regular light that I actually just taped below my seat (thats a pain but it works OK if you are good with electric tape). And then I put one on my helmet too. I like to be a beacon of light :-)
2014-12-05 11:37 PM
in reply to: louiskie

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Subject: RE: rear blinking light
thanks a lot for the responses, the saddle bag would be nice if i used a saddle bag..have all my tools in the specialized bin that stays in the cage mounted behind my seat. i will definitely be checking out some of these options.
2014-12-06 8:03 AM
in reply to: Jtiger

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Central VA
Subject: RE: rear blinking light
Originally posted by Jtiger

This is the one I use.

Rechargable and very good. I put it on my seatstay.

Got this one on my Christmas list. Followed one during a century ride and had to ask the fellow which light he was using. Out of all the lights out there, it really stood out.

2014-12-06 8:37 PM
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Subject: RE: rear blinking light
I like This is the brightest light I have ever owned. I am stopped at least once a month by cars, motorcycles and bicyclists asking where I got the light. A sheriff officer even stopped me once and stated he wished all cyclists ran a light this bright. The owner is very easy to work with. He uses a Cateye mount so he probably can figure something for you. He has pictures on his sight of solutions that might work for you. I ride alone most of the time. The light is well made and blinding when it is ran at full power. On group rides I turn it down. Cars do not to buzz my handlebars anymore. His videos under state the amount of light that is generated. Seeing is believing. I have no financial interst in this product.
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