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2015-01-09 10:05 AM

Pearland, Ohio
Subject: Moving to Dayton (Wright Patt)
Moving to the Dayton, Wright-Patterson area in May/June this year. Are there any neighborhoods/areas that you all can recommend. Preferably someplace that you can ride from the house relatively safely. What are the pools, running areas that you all can recommend? Looking forward to checking out the area. From a little web surfing, it seems like Ohio has a healthy amount of tri and running races.

Thanks in advance for any input.

2015-01-09 4:01 PM
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Subject: RE: Moving to Dayton (Wright Patt)
Well, I can't speak for housing since I live about an hour from Dayton, but I am a big fan of the bike trails we have in the area. Nice change from riding on the roads.

Best of luck with your move.
2015-01-11 5:35 PM
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Sidney, Ohio
Subject: RE: Moving to Dayton (Wright Patt)
I 2nd the bike trails as you can almost go forever from Dayton and not have to worry much about roads. There are times when the trails themselves can be busy though and a pain if your trying to get in a specific workout, but that is the same as riding on the road though. Well except the cars .

I am not sure of the exact paths but I know if you get just a bit out of town it becomes rural in a hurry and good riding. A few things you could check out is Dayton Cycling Club, I'm not sure how active they are as a club but they tend to have quite a few rides from what I can tell. I tend to ride out of Troy Ohio (just North of Dayton) with a few others and are always welcome to new riders, if your interested.

A few other things to check out, Ohio River Road Runners (ORRRC), they put on 2-3 running events per month with an average of 100 participates and if you join the club ($40?) then the majority are free. There is a good number of triathletes in the group that could lead you in a good direction.

As for Triathlons look up HFP racing, they put on some really good events. I believe they have 2 at Ceasar Creek which is just outside of Dayton.

For the pool, I have only ever been to the Kettering Rec. Center a few times and thought it was nice. Not sure what the price for membership or visits is though.
2015-02-04 2:19 PM
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Subject: RE: Moving to Dayton (Wright Patt)

I am a WP guy myself. We have a WPAFB Triathlon team which I'm happy to link you up with. As previous posters stated there are numerous trails in this region for cyclists. There are big hubs in Beavercreek & Xenia. Beavercreek is where a lot of WP employees live & has excellent access to trails. I live much further south in a semi-rural area - Clearcreek township just south of Springboro. I am an 8 mile ride down a country road from the little Miami trail that connects me into all the system trails in Waynesville which is also a nice village --- that I can ride to my hearts content. I guess it just depends if you are looking for Suburban or a more rural setting. Many of the Triathlon training and events center around Caeser's Creek State park, so living relatively close to there would also be a bonus.

PM me and I am happy to give you plenty of info!
2015-02-15 9:59 PM
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Subject: RE: Moving to Dayton (Wright Patt)
Welcome to Dayton! It's a great place to be a triathlete.

The ORRRC is $25 a year and they put on a ton of great races that are free for members throughout the year.

Speedy Feet puts on Wednesday night triathlons out at Caesar Creek over the summer for $15 (as long as you are a USAT member). If you are looking for OWS in the area Caesar Creek works.

My favorite running store in the area is Up and Running in Centerville. They do group runs on Saturday morning and Tuesday evenings (with water/gatorade out on the course). During the winter they do Indoor Spinning (bring your trainer) on Monday evenings and once it gets warm they do Monday night rides that usually meet somewhere near the Rails to Trails system.

Indoor swimming - If you don't use the base pool I'm a fan of the previously mentioned Kettering Rec.

Trail Running - There's a nice hilly 3 mile loop out at Sugarcreek Metro Park I really enjoy but good stuff out at Caesar Creek and John Bryan as well.

Topo Adventure Sports does some fun urban orienteering and trail races in the area.

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