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2015-03-24 5:09 PM

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Subject: MiTi 140.6 questions

Started this below but I'd like to get more info specific to the distance, though it sounds like the race is the 70.3 course x2.

I'm from Michigan (Kalkaska, Albion College, then Kzoo) and am thinking about this race.  I was looking at it for next summer but I took a look at my calendar and it fits perfectly on a four day weekend I have off already.

Weather:  what's hot and humid for GR in late August?  In Denver it would be 90s but we don't have much humidity (which I remember well from Michigan). 

Course:  anyone have accurate files for elevation gain for the bike and run?  I've read that the road conditions have improved for the bike but can be a bit rough here and there, plus it's an open course.  How well shaded is the run and is it on paths/roads, etc.?

What were your impressions of the race and how it was run, etc.?




2015-03-24 9:29 PM
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Subject: RE: MiTi 140.6 questions
Hi, Todd, I did the 70.3 last year. I talked a bit about the conditions in my race report (link in thread near the bottom) but I can give you the quick hits:

Weather: It was sunny and HOT by midday, 80s at least and pretty humid. Typical Michigan August.

Course: I'll have to see if I can dig up my elevation files. I will say that I am a wimp with biking hills and there were three that I remember as challenging, but I survived them all. They changed the bike course shortly beforehand to take us on a smoother route and it was OK, but not great. There was only one section I felt mildly scared on because of gravel. The run was on residential roads, about half shaded and half beating down sun. I do OK in the heat so I was fine but I passed a LOT of people. Many of the homeowners had left sprinklers and hoses out for us and there were lots of kids out with their squirt guns, which was a nice touch.

Overall race: No complaints, I thought it was well-run. If you don't know your way around the GR area it might be confusing to find the Y where packet pickup is and the mall area where there is a shuttle bus stop, but I had a local as a tour guide so I was OK. I'm definitely considering it again this year.
2015-03-27 8:49 AM
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Subject: RE: MiTi 140.6 questions
There are some race reports on this site that might help. Kevin also has a good race report from a few years back (

In short... it's Michigan in August so it can be hot and humid. The run course has some shade, but I've heard not enough if it's really hot out. They've had a few issues with the bike course the last few years but it was out of their control (contractors jumping the gun on construction projects despite being told not to). I've heard great things about the event and they director did a good job of adjusting on the fly for the bike route issues. I and am signed up for the 70.3, it will be my first.

They have maps on the website that include links to mapmyfitness that includes the elevation profiles:

Run -
Bike -

There are also some listed on Strava if you search there.

2015-03-29 10:19 PM
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Subject: RE: MiTi 140.6 questions

Great, thank you for all of your input.  I am definitely keeping this race in mind.

2015-03-31 6:46 AM
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Subject: RE: MiTi 140.6 questions
For what it's worth...
I am currently registered for this year's MITI 70.3 distance, and I did the same last year, but I am considering changing to the 140.6. I have done IM Wisconsin, IM Louisville, and IM Lake Placid, but I can assure you, if you are looking for a challenge, this certainly offers one. The course has plenty of hills to keep you honest and interested, both on the bike and the run. It's no IM 70..3 St. George...but it will challenge you for sure.
Additionally, after watching IM coverage of various events while on my bike trainer recently, I was reminded of how crowded the IM brand events are. My "concern," for lack of a better word, is not with the swim or the run, but on the bike. If you want a better measure of what you can do without assistance, this would be a solid event. In the IM brand events you will be drafting at different times during the event whether you intend to or not, and that's what I find frustrating with the larger events.
This event is in a nice area and although the crowd support isn't like an IM branded event, you do feel supported and taken care of.
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