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Subject: The value of a 'cool down' - workout one
Every now and then you get a nice dose of humility that comes with age.

Today was my first day in the pool with any kind of 'training' in mind. Now, since I'm not on a 'plan' yet (race in September, first one), I kind of just wanted to get a feel for how I would react in the pool.

I got to the pool around 0550 and basically dove straight in. I was paranoid about not finishing a workout and being late to work (late being...arriving after my boss). I got in 5x50's (all freestyle) with 15-20 seconds rest, immediately followed by 5x100's alternating strokes (30-45 seconds rest) and felt pretty good. I mean, I was tired and my chest/lats were sore, but I wasn't really sucking air.

I looked at my watch and thought, 'nice, I've got plenty of time to shower and get out of here.' Between finishing my last 'work set' and getting out of the pool, there was a sum total of approximately...12 seconds. Maybe more. But not much.

Quick backstory; I was never a competitive swimmer, but I was a certified swim instructor up to level 7 and a lifesaving instructor instructor (make sense?) I was born and raised on the gulf coast and have lived in the water in some form or fashion. Flight in the military, the whole nine yards.

Turns out, that doesn't matter ( all) when you have done diddly in two years.

I got out of the pool, took about 3 steps, and had to park it on the bench. I got really lightheaded, had to take some deep breaths, poured ice cold water over my head (I'm bald, the delivery effect is quick). It was nuts. Here's the thing; same thing happens to me sometimes when I do cardio-strength or AMRAP weight workouts. I've never really been sure how to pin down the issue, but today I got it. I was fine in the water. No danger, no light headedness, no abnormal heart rate - nada. For some reason it clicked; I never cool down. I never taper into less intensity or anything. I never walk after a run, I never stay in motion after I lift heavy or anything else. It was nuts. Fortunately this time it passed very quickly. A little ice water on the spine fixed me.

But wow, what a lesson.


2015-04-22 2:10 PM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: The value of a 'cool down' - workout one

Not a doc, so don't want to comment on your 'event'.

But I will offer that cool downs (or warm downs) have become integral to all my workouts as I have gotten older (I'm almost 62).  I find it really helps with my recovery time and soreness, particularly with my history of chronic knee and Achilles problems.

My usual cool down routines:

Running:  Walk for 1/2 mile at the end of a run.

Bike:  Easy spinning for a mile or so

Swimming:  EZ 150yd - 200yd., mostly freestyle, but with some breast and back thrown in.

Besides the physical aspects, I also use the cool down time to mentally critique my workout.




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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: The value of a 'cool down' - workout one
Could be lack of cooldown or something else (vertigo when going upright after swimming is very common; triggers vary for different people but can include cold water, intense effort, choppy water, flip turns, etc.) but since you are also having it after other kinds of workouts, I would definitely check in with a doctor in case blood pressure, heart rhythm, or other health issues are the culprit. If those are ruled out, remembering to cool down, plus earplugs on the swim, might be a good idea.
2015-04-23 9:36 AM
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Subject: RE: The value of a 'cool down' - workout one

Another thing to consider is whether you're hydrating enough.

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