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2015-05-28 8:29 AM

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Subject: Plantar Wart, Capsulitis, or something else?
Below my 5th metatarsal on the ball of my foot I have a callus area. If I press on it there is a lump underneath the skin (almost like a callus below the skin). It hurts to walk barefoot sometimes and I feel it biking after 45 mins into biking. And I feel it running after mile 4. Any ideas on what this might be?

2015-06-07 5:43 PM

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Subject: RE: Plantar Wart, Capsulitis, or something else?
I am not a doctor, and you should probably see one. Having said that, I had something similar a few years back and it wound up being a plantar wart.
2015-06-08 8:54 PM

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Subject: RE: Plantar Wart, Capsulitis, or something else?

plantar warts have a "seed" appearance like black pepper flecks..a "corn" can be a hard lump as small as a grain of sand or a shard of glass or bigger like a pencil eraser tip..I am told a "corn" is really just an intense callous..from repeated pressure on on area….if that helps..I am no dr or podiatrist either! But either of them can probably diagnose/"name" it and suggest rx..

2015-06-09 2:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Plantar Wart, Capsulitis, or something else?
I got my first wart last year. I'm 95% sure it from because I had a blister/broken skin from running a marathon and forgot my saddles one day and had to walk bare foot around the gym. Mine started with what looked like a callus, so I thought nothing of it. Then it started to hurt just walking. It started to get so bad it was messing up my running form and I was starting to get hip issues. Nothing OTC worked (acid and freeze treatments). They helped for a bit but it never went away. They are supposed to be harder to get rid of than ones elsewhere on the body. I was able to get rid of it with a $5 bottle of apple cider vinegar. I tore a piece of cotton off a cotton ball that was slightly bigger than the wart. I then soaked it in vinegar and held it there for 12+ hours/day with a band aid and medical tape around the band aid to make sure it didn't move. Filed off the dead skin each morning and let it breath during the day.

A wart is virus and just digging or scraping it out won't "cure" you. This works because it constantly irritates the skin and it causes your immune system to realize that something it up. I think it took 6-8 weeks for it to go away but the pain went away after a week. The initial acid pain really hurt at first and the first 2 nights I had to take it off after an hour but try to keep it on as much as possible. Good luck!

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