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Tough Mudder New England - Adventure

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Mount Snow, Vermont
United States
Tough Mudder
75+F / 24C
Total Time = 5h 30m
Overall Rank = ?/8000
Age Group =
Age Group Rank = 0/
Pre-race routine:

Made a long weekend of it , in fact from Friday to Tuesday. Drove up on Friday leisurely and got there about 6p. Had dinner at Joe's and retired to bed at 10:30 up had breakfast at the Lodge. Caught the MOOver to the entrance of race and got registered and marked up. Met up with Maradaddy's nephew and started race together.
Event warmup:

The bring you the starting corral and hype you up. lots of stand in place calisthenics. Run to a 6 foot wall and jump into a another corral. Hear heart warming stories of people doing for different reasons and stuff. National Anthem. and a pray.

Course:Up and down a ski slope. At least six times. That was the toughest part.
Run comment: After a 1/2 mile climb up hit the first obstacle.
Crawl through the mud under barb wire.
More climb.
Quagmire. Mud in water pit, 15ft mud wall to climb up. Note to self never jump in a Quarmire it shallow and you'll be eating your knees.
Liberator Wooden peg wall to climb. Hoard as many pegs at you can then start.
Downhill a little
Bale Bonds, enormous amount of hay bales to climb of little fall exiting. NBD, I'll itching till the first water obstacle.
Little downhill to Whale hump. Try pulling yourself over a inflated bladder 8 feet tall. No go ahead and try. Help Y and need a little myself. Drag a few chick over and slide down the back.
Downhill. Roll my right ankle out and stick in a mud puddle and head out. gonna be bruised but working well. A guy at the rest stop asked me if I was "the one who rolled my ankle that was nasty." Just another trail run for me.
Everest 2.0 a warped wall. I made it over with a rope to help and three big guy yanking. I turn and hold rope but she can't get far enough to get a hold of it. After 5 tries she give up.
Birth canal. Water filled plastic sheet to crawl under in the mud.
Really funky feeling with gushing water holding you down.
Funky monkey, Y doesn't get a grip at all and plunges into the water wacky. I go about 6 ladder rungs and realize its just time to drop off before I get to high. Never would have made across all the monkey bar.
Almost to five mile mark.
Up again
Gopher hole. Slide through plastic culvert to watery plunge. NBD.
Absurd climb to
Skid mark. Reverse wall. Huck Y up and she gets help from above as most of did I get a hand up and replace a guy on the top with Y helping peoples over. Up insane and down to the
Up/down to
Devils bread. Where I end up following a female slowpoke, just glad she didn't need to fart. Y rolled like a log down the hill.
Down then up to the
Warrior carry 1/2 and 1/2. I manage Y. But I'm a little to much for Y and can't get a good hold to do it.
Up hill to
Balls out. Slant wall transfer catching next rope. Get slowed by a another mudder and lose momentum. Y is tired but give it a try and bails.
Long downhill that is sometime more difficult then up hill to negotiate to
Arctic Enema cold feels good. There were a few guys either done or just partying for the heck of it. One give Y and I a high five and I said let me see that beer for minute. He didn't see again.
Off we go that felt good to the
Mile 8 and 9. getting close.
Up the half pipe area and back down. No cigar or abuse to the
Walk the plank. 15 foot plunge in water i think that was left over from Arctic enema. Y says lets do it together. I should have waited for her. She did do it faster than last year but not with me. I'm ready to do it again but head out up and around some other point of useless reference by some sadistic bastard.
On the way there is still snow melting from the winter and so I head over and make a snow angel. Why not. I keep asking spectators for hugs but can't get any takers.
Crybaby next. Hop in cold water under the enclosure in to what i can only describe as peppermint smoke. Crawl across to exit. eyes stinking and good little cough. Probably not for you Judi.
Berlin walls 10 foot up of solid wall no foot holds but Y and a hand from above. Yang a few up and over and drop to meet Y for the final one. Y is starting to fade. She is wondering why. Uh you did a half marathon a week ago.
Electric Shock therapy. Ouch. we try to run though holding hands but you really just want to get through. Every time I get hit my jaw snaps shut. Ouch a little. Through the finish and get my Richard Simmons head band. Y is now a two timer.

The had the Tower of fire set up. For Y it was free and five for me. I like sweet 12foot drop down a pole through fire ring and into a water tank. Sweet. Y grabs it and hold on and doesn't move for a couple seconds. Then goes. I missed it damn.

Limiting factor: Met up with Mike's nephew but being fireman that were in far better shape and we lost contact after first obstacle. We had to rely on kindness of strangers for help. So have a bigger better team than two. Besides that not much but find a course to train on.
Post race
Warm down:

We get our headband and swag. Head over to the Tower if Fire and play around there then head to get a bowl of Wheaties with chocolate milk and a Shock Top beer. Sit in the sun drying the mud on us before shower off by stripping as far as we dare and shoving the hose down our shorts or bra's (Y). Hit the MOOver back to the Lodge and shower and head to the luke cold hot tub that isn't really that awful but the water is low and we have to scrounge down to get the shoulders in. The Lodge was a disappointment but that is another story in itself.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

The uphills relentless up hills, muddy steep and long.

Event comments:

My first Tough mudder. Pretty damn tough it is. Looking to do a little better in August.

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Post race
Weight change: %
Mental exertion [1-5] 5
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Average
Race evaluation [1-5]

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Great job for both you and Y!  Your report is hilarious!

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