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2015-10-16 4:57 PM

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Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
Subject: Your race paces estimate

Hi again,

I make a custom training plan. I use it in the moment and something, I think is wrong.

When they ask us what is my race paces estimate, on the run I put 6:00 minute/kms. When I check my training programm, it ask me to train at zone 1 and 2. So it's ok I train, using my HR monitor, on zone 1 and 2. The problem is the distance we are suppose to do with the time of the training didn't match with my zone.

If my race pace, usualy my LTH speed, is 6:00 so I can't run 26 minute for 4.14kms.

So what is the most important the distance or the time I have to do?

Another question, I check and I don't do intervall training why? usually I read and we have to do intervall. All the training is on zone 1 and 2 so for endurance training I think could be ok but to be faster and work to do the distance and try to be better we have to do more, like hill or fartlek or intervall. Why it didn't ask use to do more.

I choose an Ironman programm for begginer. I did Olympic distance, I did 4 bike competition for 100 kms and more and did 4 half marathon. I can swimm, in the moment more than 2,5 kms at 2:20"/100m. So I try to do the Ironman training 3 swimm, 3 bike, 3 run and I will do before half Ironman to see what can I do after my training next summer.

Waiting for your answere,



2015-10-18 12:59 PM
in reply to: Frank50

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Subject: RE: Your race paces estimate

Distance is most important in the training zones.  As far as interval work, any 'beginner' plan will not have many, if not any, intervals.  In designing the plan creator I couldn't assume beyond a shadow of a doubt how much a 'beginner' really was.  So a 'beginner' plan plays it safe.  if you choose a level 1 or 2 plan, it will start including intervals.

2015-10-22 2:50 PM
in reply to: Ron

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Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
Subject: RE: Your race paces estimate

ok thank you for your answere I realy appreciate it. Maybe I will check for the intermediat custom programm or I will put intervall by my own choice on some training.


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