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2015-12-18 7:10 AM

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Subject: 12.18.15 Fridaaaaay!

Good morning!  Finally to the day us teachers have circled on our calendars since the first day of school!  Ha!

5:00am:  30 minute walk followed by 20 minutes core work and then stretching.  Tomorrow, I race.  Well, 'race'.  

Susan, that stinks but at least surgery is not on the table.  I know how hard it is to be a good patient, but hopefully with some rest from running and PT you'll be back at it sooner rather than later.

Have a great day!  


2015-12-18 7:20 AM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 12.18.15 Fridaaaaay!
Yaaaaaay! Last day here too! Heading home on Sunday. Haven't posted much lately as just too tired at night! Sometimes wonder if my new coach realizes I work full time! I do most of my training (except for swimming and strength) early AM and am pretty much done for by 8 PM or so, often before everyone in North America wakes up.

AM: 1:10 of running with some fartlek pickups, enjoying "winter" weather this AM for first time (low 70s)!
PM Hour trainer ride with crazy high-cadence stuff. I found the perfect video to do this with:

This channel in general has some great "virtual rides" for those of you stuck on your trainers in the winter. (In my case it's a traffic safety and daylight issue, not weather.)
2015-12-18 1:57 PM
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Subject: RE: 12.18.15 Fridaaaaay!
Kim! Shocking! Shouldn't it be WE teachers and not US teachers. For me, week one of Boston Marathon training almost complete with today's easy 8 miles.
2015-12-18 3:36 PM
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Subject: RE: 12.18.15 Fridaaaaay!
I had my last midterm today: Geometry, and I'm glad to be done. One semester down, one to go! I did some strength training this morning with my coach and I may go for an easy run later today. Have a great Christmas break everyone!
2015-12-19 9:37 AM
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, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: 12.18.15 Fridaaaaay!
Congrats to all teachers and students on your well earned break . . I remember how much I used to enjoy mine.

Warmed up on the Eliptical then ran 2 1/2 mile easy indoors. Finished with my first 1500 yard swim session of this "preseason".
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