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2016-06-03 7:22 AM

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Subject: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!

Good morning BT! 

4:30am:  stretching, rolling, core, messing around and packing!  The plan is to head in to Salt Lake right after school so I'm trying to get everything done this am. My older daughter is going with me--mostly for the shopping and, of course, the checking out of all the hot triathletes tomorrow morning! 

Yesterday afternoon: got out on the bike. I was on a 4 mile stretch of road and took off like a madwoman--averaged like 23-24 mph and thought 'wow, I'm really fit--all these trainer sessions have paid off!'  Then I turned around.  I was traveling with the wind, lol!  Directly into the wind the four miles back and averaged around 13-14 mph.  I had a good chuckle at my expense! Followed that up with a 2 mile trail run.

The neat thing about this race for me tomorrow is 6 years ago when I first considered doing a triathlon I got up early and drove in just to watch this race--I had never seen a triathlon before. Here it is 6 years later and I'm going back to where it all started for me! Kind of cool!

Have a great day everyone!  Lake...I'll be sending you good vibes for your race tomorrow!

Karen--holy stable full of bikes!  I just broke it to my hubby yesterday that I'm shopping around for a new mountain bike--that will take me up to 4!

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2016-06-03 8:04 AM
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Aledo, Texas
Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!

6:10 - sprint swim set. Easily the hardest swim workout I've done so far, and maybe the hardest in all three disciplines this training cycle.

Hope the race goes well, Kim (and anyone else racing)! On doctor's orders, I haven't been able to ride on the road for a year. Tomorrow is the first time that ban is lifted and, of course, it's raining like crazy. Might have one more week of trainer "fun".

Have a great weekend, everyone.

2016-06-03 8:10 AM
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Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!
Haven't done much this morning yet. I did my usual 2+ minute plank, and am going to do a run once I wake up a bit more.

Good luck on the race tomorrow! I hope the wind is behind you the whole way!

My daughter and I are going to a triathlon this weekend also, but more as spectators. We are going to be helping at the water station at the finish line with the local tri club.

Last night was the last time I will likely be able to swim at the pool I've been practicing at till after the tri I'm getting ready for. They are going to have open water swims at the tri site in a month though, so I just need to find a place for a few weeks. Our Y is having a contest to run (or walk) 30 miles in June, so combine that with the loss of a convenient pool, and I think I'll be beefing up the run practices this month.

J White
2016-06-03 8:21 AM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!
LOL I have been there many times with the "wind at back" situation. I always think I've had some amazing breakthrough on the bike and it turns out to be that. At my age, I don't have amazing breakthroughs, just incremental progress through a sometimes sickening amount of hard work!

Remember that my "stable" is on two continents, so there's a bit of duplication. My road bike (Baby) in the US is second-hand. Back when I was both training and racing on a road bike, it seemed more economical to get a secondhand bike and keep it in the US than transport a bike back and forth. Red Rover travels with me only if I am racing HIM in summer; when I'm just training at home (in winter) he stays here and I put Baby on the trainer in the US. I also have a trainer on both sides of the Pacific! What's really bad is I have a tendency to end up with zero of various tools/components on one side of the "pond", and a double set on the other. That happens no matter how many lists I make!

As for training....One hour run this morning with some strides, about 40 minutes of strength stuff tonight. My butt is sore again!

Good luck in your race! Weird but true--Tank the MTB is (I think) the bike I rode for my first two triathlons (an off-road sprint and an Olympic), back when he was part of a local bike shop's rental fleet. Or perhaps I rode one of his siblings. He's awesome for our rice paddy and fish-pond single track and joyriding through the villages, but he SUCKS as a tri bike. My first Olympic--136 people (both genders). 11th on the swim, 9th on the run, 123rd on the bike. Yes, really!
2016-06-03 8:30 AM
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Austin, Texas
Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!

Kim, I had to dig through a few older posts since I've been gone. Best of luck at your race this weekend!!

2016-06-03 9:51 AM
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Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!
Huh, I just learned you can't edit a post after it's been up for more than a half hour. I've never seen that one before (and I am on lots of forums for lots of different topics) So I guess I just have to add another post

Just got back from my run. I did a run/walk type of thing this morning, as my legs were a bit crampy last night after my swim. I ran a mile and then walked a tenth. After 3 of those, I walked about a quarter mile for a cool down, for a total of 3.6 miles.

I saw that Runtastic has interval programs on their iPhone app. I may try one of those out tomorrow, just to mix it up a bit.

J White

2016-06-03 5:36 PM
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Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!
short 3 mile run today. Easy day for me. going to hit it hard this weekend.

Have a good one BT folk!
2016-06-03 7:45 PM
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Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!
14.5 mile mountain bike ride this evening, first time I been mountain bike riding since watching my wife's mountain bike accident(lifeline helicopter and 5 surgeries) in 2012.
2016-06-03 7:53 PM
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Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!
First outside swim of the year! One mile endurance swim.
2016-06-04 12:32 AM
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Ventura, California
Subject: RE: 6.3.16 Feeling Fabulous Friday!

Had my best swim workout ever today. My form is improving and I was very happy with today's session. Today was also the first time I could 'feel' the 'glide', it was a good swim session.

2x50, 2x100, 2x200, 2x400, and a final 900 (.5mile)

I even felt so good I jumped on a treadmill immediately after the swim and busted out a quick 5k!

Tomorrow is ride and run day!
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