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2016-06-03 1:30 PM

Subject: Carbon/ aero wheels- looking to buy
Good morning!

I recently purchased an aero bike, and am now looking to put some fast wheels on it. Looking to spend no more than $350.00. Let me know if you have anything you are looking to let go of.

thanks all!

2016-06-06 6:59 PM
in reply to: Jpeeps05

Subject: RE: Carbon/ aero wheels- looking to buy
10 or 11 speed?
2016-06-06 10:09 PM
in reply to: cjb3

Subject: RE: Carbon/ aero wheels- looking to buy
Sorry still a newbie. 11 speed
2016-07-19 2:17 PM
in reply to: Jpeeps05

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Temperance, Michigan
Subject: RE: Carbon/ aero wheels- looking to buy
I am looking to buy 11 speed compatible race wheels, let me know if anyone out there is selling any.

2017-06-24 11:04 AM
in reply to: Jpeeps05


Subject: RE: Carbon/ aero wheels- looking to buy
See my post for Shimano Carbon WH-RS-80 700x23
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General Discussion Classifieds - New and Used Triathlon Gear » Carbon/ aero wheels- looking to buy Rss Feed  

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