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2016-07-13 6:35 PM

Subject: Getting a bike box to LAX and back
Hello all, just curious how folks in LA transport their bikes to the airport. I had a truck set up but my friend is now unavailable to take me. I checked with Uber but they can't guarantee that an UberSUV will have the seats removed to fit my bike box. I'm thinking I'll try to set up a taxi van (no seats) in advance (I checked Super Shuttle but it is pricey) and then on the return, hope that I can get a taxi van at LAX to take me home. I figure people do this somewhat often here...what do you guys use? Any tips? Thanks!

2016-07-14 3:44 PM
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Subject: RE: Getting a bike box to LAX and back

Sorry, always use TBT!     I'd just request a taxi minivan and be done with it, probably not much more (maybe less) than an uber SUV (did that once for dive gear and it was more than a taxi!) but can't believe that there would be an SUV with fold down seats that wouldn't fit a box (unless it's huge)

Just get in the LAX taxi line, you may have to pass up a few Prius' but they'll call for a bigger van

2016-07-14 4:04 PM
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Subject: RE: Getting a bike box to LAX and back
I have flow in and out of LAX a few times with a bike bag. Was not a problem. Called local taxi and made sure they sent the mini van. Same at airport upon return. To give a a sense of size, my bag was able to fit into a Jeep Liberty rental car with the half the back seat folded down
2016-07-15 4:13 PM
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Subject: RE: Getting a bike box to LAX and back
Sounds like asking for a van isn't a problem so I think that will be the route I go. I guess I'll make sure to call it PLENTY early in case it takes longer than a normal taxi. Yes, I prefer to use TBT but this race doesn't have any transport options. My bike box is pretty big: 58" x 22" x 31." Maybe I should call the cab company and see if they can assure me it would fit.

Thanks all!
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