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2016-07-17 4:01 AM

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Subject: Run distance on a custom plan
I created a custom plan for training for Ironman Florida 2016. I scheduled 2 runs per week, but at a very slow pace. Setting is in km's. The longest training run prescribed is 17.6km. Will this adequately prepare me for the 42km distance on race day? I was wondering if maybe the distance calculator did not properly set to km's; 17 miles would probably be appropriate for the longest run. Or perhaps the calculations are time based, and my slow place was the cause. Any ideas? The cycle and swim sets seem appropriate (building to 180km and 3.8km respectively).

Also, is it possible to alter the setting so the distances get rounded off. Does anybody really run 7.57 km? and cycle 112.4 km? I can of course build my own program using these numbers as a guide but it does seem a shame that the final presentation of the custom plan is flawed in this way.

2016-07-22 9:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Run distance on a custom plan

What pace did you put in?  One constraint on the custom plan is to not do long runs over 2.5 to 3 hrs and it's capped at that - as it is more time based for the run as that put's the most stress on you. Training runs that long can just lead to increased injury before your race especially only two runs per week.

You can certainly adjust the pace up to see what the plan looks like and not put it in in your log.  You can try the first month or two of training to see how you are doing and adjusting to the volume.  What is your running like currently?  Is this a normal pace you run at for a longer run?  What has been your current distance and running frequency?  

It is a plan following certain rules just for safety, but if we can understand you a little more, rules can be bent.  

2016-07-27 6:55 PM
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Subject: RE: Run distance on a custom plan
Thanks Champion. I suspected that was the constraint - makes sense.

My 'run' pace is a scintillating 9mins per km (14.30 per mile). The truth is that I walk the run leg due to some muscular challenges I have. It's actually a pretty quick walk pace. For IM Florida I am shooting for around 6h30 for the 26 miles. I agree that longer runs just increase the risk of injury and put undue stress on the body; my gut instinct is that I need to get one training walk in over 19 miles, another one close to that, with a regular effort of 11 - 13 miles. I have done two 70.3s this year on a regime of 2 training walks per week - one shorter (often straight off the bike) and one longer effort.

I am slow on the swim and bike also, so the IM for me is all about breaking 17 hours. Hence the endurance focus in my training is key, but also a bit of pace to make sure I hit the line by midnight.
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