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2016-07-23 12:09 PM

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Subject: Patch or Replace?
I had a hole in my tube on a training ride last weekend and I have a race tomorrow. We have patched the tire and I rode again on it later that day. I have a race tomorrow and my husband says that the patch is fine but I'm nervous about it. I had a rather disastrous race last time and would like to avoid another one. I do have a couple spare tubes. Because I'm 2 hours out of the city living at the lake, my husband picked up a new tube for me but I'm worried because it seems rather large. Should I replace the tube before tomorrow's sprint or should I ride on the patch? My instinct is to change the tube (although I'm worried because I don't have time to really put any test rides in to the new tube) but he insists the patch makes it "good as new" and it will be fine.

2016-07-23 7:53 PM
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Subject: RE: Patch or Replace?
Depends if he used a glue patch of an instant patch. I got a flat at the beginning of spring and used a glue patch on it and haven't had a single issue since. Instant patches aren't nearly as good though.

If you're worrying about it, swap to a new tube and do a quick test ride beforehand as a warmup.
2016-07-25 10:01 AM
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Subject: RE: Patch or Replace?

As a rule, I always replace tubes.  I carry a patch kit with me for mid-ride issues of course, but if I get a flat I pretty much replace the tube at my first opportunity. Training tubes are like $5 each, I look at them as "consumables". 

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