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2016-12-09 7:22 AM

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Subject: 12.9.16 Frosty Friday!

Good morning BT!  

4:45am:  :30 minute run, easy pace

5:15am:  :40 minutes 5x5 lower body + core

We actually got snow yesterday--not exactly rare for us but always a nice surprise.  We live across from the golf course so as soon as school got out yesterday my younger daughter bundled up, grabbed the one sled we have for those just in case moments, and immediately took off to the golf course. It'll be melted by this afternoon!  Could make for an interesting trail run for me tomorrow however.  Hope it's not too muddy!

Lundy...thank you for your support!  I had 8 kids come last night and a few of those really need to make some changes.  I'm excited!

2016-12-09 7:56 AM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 12.9.16 Frosty Friday!
Please send some frost my way! Rainy season has still not managed to come to an end....At least it washed out some of the ghastly smoke/haze/pollution that has been happening lately. It was actually hard to breathe just walking home from school today--hard to describe, but air was totally saturated with both humidity and smoke.

Fortunately it is better before 6 AM!

5:00 AM-- 65 minute run with some tempo pickups
6:15--15-ish minutes of "Run Strength", more suited to someone who is lying on a track infield, in a gym, or in a residence with a developed-country amount of floor space. I had to modify several exercises to keep from kicking Smudgee (cat) or Rover (bike)!
2016-12-09 12:51 PM
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Aledo, Texas
Subject: RE: 12.9.16 Frosty Friday!

Awesome! Encourage the selfies, etc. . . might get more kids interested.

11:45 - 1200 yard swim, lots of kicking, with some T pace work in there.

Have a great Friday!

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