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Subject: Tri Newbie
Hello my name is Darlene and I'm looking to challenge myself in doing some triathlons in 2017. Looking forward to great information on this website.

2017-02-15 11:23 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri Newbie

Hi Darlene, welcome to BT.  As you get to learn your way around you'll find people here are friendly and willing to share tips and inspiration.  I recommend keeping track of your workouts in your training log here as a great way to keep track and sometimes if you ask questions people will look at your log and interpret what you have done to help answer your questions.  I also recommend reading race reports for any races (ie - Lake Placid) it is great for learning and inspiration.  I also recommend volunteering at local races to further your learning and meet other new triathletes.

Just some basic advice:

Swimming - get at least 2 pair of goggles. Swim at least 3X per week (4X is better but build up to it) and also learn to be comfortable in the water.  Take lessons if you need to like Masters or any other swim group.  Getting the swim right is important.  It will take time to get it so don't get discouraged just keep at it.  I couldn't swim 50m when I started in 2012 but I kept at it and now I can swim any distance I put my mind to do.  Also, come the summer get out and swim in open water to get comfortable with it.  It is absolutely different from swimming in a pool.  If you are doing a race with an open water swim go to the same lake and swim in it a few times to get yourself comfortable before the race.  My 1st race swim was no wetsuit and my heart rate was so high I couldn't put my face in the water so I wound up doing the breaststroke for 750m.  It takes a bit of practice to keep yourself calm at the start of your first races.

Cycling - Get a bike that fits you.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  I ride with a woman that is a much better rider than I am and her bike is a heavy metal frame.  Find some friends to ride with and put on lots of miles.  You can get an expensive bike once you know you are going to ride and race a lot more.

Running - I'm not a good runner so hopefully you already know more than I do.

In the summer before a race practice your transitions every minute you save is free speed.  The same goes for your nutrition.  Try different products and find what you can and can't consume on the bike and the run.

Check out the mentor groups and find one that fits you and join up and be vocal.  Ask lots of questions and don't be embarrassed about what you ask.  Others will be glad you thought to ask.

Have fun!

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