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KS State TT Championships - Cycle

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Hutchinson, Kansas
United States
45F / 7C
Total Time = 59m 52s
Overall Rank = 10/21
Age Group = M50-59
Age Group Rank = 3/4
Pre-race routine:

2017 was the first year I did not complete a triathlon since doing my first in 2009. Due to budget challenges I put my gym (pool) membership on hold during the spring and summer and a crash in June prolonged things even further. I didn't complete my typical winter cycling program on the trainer so this was a year of "just see how things go".

I did manage to get back on the bike after the crash (no broken bones) after a couple weeks. As summer came to an end I started to get some of my bike speed back so I did participate in a few times trials and a road race or two.

I'm posting this report up just as an experience to share with those who do triathlons and have never done an open Time Trial or might be considering a Time Trial. You can check to see if any Time Trials are in your area by going to USA Cycling's website at They have a search function for events. Keep in mind many event flyers don't get posted until a month or two before the event.

Event warmup:

It rained most of the morning. Race was delayed over and hour, maybe two. Roads were still wet during warmup. Some people left and a lot of people didn't bother to make the drive.since you can sign up race morning. The result was pretty low participation. Only 4 in the Men's 50-59 category and only 4 or 5 Cat 4's.

I wanted to race Cat4 since I thought I'd have a chance at the title but my team needed points for men's masters so I took one for the team.

I ended up doing about 20 minutes worth of warmup. it was pretty cool but I still opted for a tight fitting tri top and my standard bike shorts. Others had long sleeve skin suits and some just had you basic cycling kit. with cool temps I decided to go without hydration in an effort to reduce drag and see if I could hold a good aero position for the entire hour. This was advice I was given my more experienced cyclists that have done well in time trials.

My goal was to see if I could come in under one hour. The course was flat, there wasn't much wind and the temps were cool so this was not far from ideal conditions. A little warmer would have bee nice.
  • 59m 52s
  • 24.8 miles
  • 24.86 mile/hr

At the start you have an option to be held up once you're clipped in or just push start yourself then clip in. The will not give you a push, then simeply let go and you're on your own to get moving. If you're in a high gear this could be a challenge. Given in was an hour long ordeal I opted to go at it on my own. I had hoped there'd be a ramp like they have in the tour but welcome to local low key cycling.

I went out at about 95% or so hoping that it was enough but not too much so that I'd blow up at the end. i think my effort was just about right. I don't have a PM or use a HRM I just go by feel and it felt just about right. I just tried to stay as aero as possible, keep my head looking forward and stay in that "turtle" position the whole way.

I was pretty happy with my result. I glanced at my watch at the turnaround and saw that I was under 30 minutes so I knew I had a shot at under an hour.

Even though there were only 4 in my age group three of us were pretty strong. The first place guy went 58:01, second went 59:09 then me at 59:52.

We all beat the Cat 4 guys as they were all over an hour. I gave up a state title for my team but we finished third in the State for Men's masters but a slim margin and had not raced masters we would have finished 4th. Podiums are nice!

Things that will help reduce my time:
1. Better position on bike
2. Tighter fitting clothing
3. Aero Wheels (I have stock Felt Wheels that came with bike)
4. Of course higher FTP
Post race
Event comments:

All in all a good experience and I recommend it to any triathlete. It's kind of fun going all out on the bike not having to worry about a run afterwards.

Last updated: 2017-12-20 12:00 AM
00:59:52 | 24.8 miles | 24.86 mile/hr
Age Group: 3/4
Overall: 10/21
Wind: Some
Course: Flat out & back on paved county road, only about 280 feet elevation gain.
Road: Smooth  Cadence:
Turns: Cornering:
Gear changes: Hills:
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2018-01-03 2:40 PM

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Overland Park, KS
Subject: KS State TT Championships

2018-01-08 2:46 PM
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Subject: RE: KS State TT Championships

Nice work squeaking in under an hour!  You'll do even better next time, knowing better how to dress and prepare.  Congrats!

They used to have a handful of TTs in my area but they seem to be falling off, as is some of the local bike racing scene.   NJ still has pretty many TTs, but that involves going to NJ! 

2018-01-19 3:16 PM
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Middle River, Maryland
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Subject: RE: KS State TT Championships

Wow.  The mythical sub-60 40k TT!!!!!  Awesome!

2018-01-21 8:14 AM
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Overland Park, KS
Subject: RE: KS State TT Championships
Originally posted by jmhpsu93

Wow.  The mythical sub-60 40k TT!!!!!  Awesome!

Thanks Mike, hopefully can improve upon that this year. I'd love to be able to go sub 60 in an Oly race and still have something left for the run. I think my position can be improved so I may work with the fitter in the next few months.
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