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2019-07-03 7:01 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 07.03.2019 Wednesday Workouts
Yo Yo Yo

Got a short swim in this morning at the local pool, back in Southern PA. It felt magical. I will have 5 days of OWS opportunities coming up starting Friday. I hope they bring the same confidence that today did.

Otherwise, some meetings this morning to get a few projects initiated, yup the day before 4th of July...hahahaha

Hope everyone is doing good.

2019-07-03 4:15 PM
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Subject: RE: 07.03.2019 Wednesday Workouts
4.5 mile run this morning.

I like getting workouts finished first thing in the morning, but I have to get back to heat training mode.
2019-07-03 7:05 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 07.03.2019 Wednesday Workouts
One hour run this morning and one hour trainer ride this afternoon with a bunch of short (30-60 second "max" pickups). I haven't really done anything over about 90% FTP since February so "max" was only about 130-150%. Legs are still tired! Beautiful weather here--sunny, breezy, dry, not too hot or too cold (in my opinion--high about 80).

Attempting to insert view from my run this morning--we are close to the "edge" of town (though there are several outlying developments not visible in this pic) but with 20,000 people moving in every year, that won't last. (Anyway, we are moving out!) At heart I am an Oregon girl and love my forests. But the wide-open spaces and big skies do grow on you.


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2019-07-03 11:12 PM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 07.03.2019 Wednesday Workouts

Today was a running time trial day for me.  I did the Boom in the Valley 5K.  I feared it would be over 90 degrees. but we got a light rain yesterday morning that kept things at 89 deg F when the races started at 6:30 PM.  The heat was a huge factor.  One of my daughters went out too fast (she takes after me) and was was really struggling when I got back to her with a 1/2 mile for her to go.  My younger daughter went out really slow with my wife and her cousin but then decided to catch her older sister passed her and went on to be first place in the under 8 years old category.  I pulled out another first place over all finish but it was about a minute slower than what I usually run a 5K in due to the heat.  There was a 15 year old boy that has was an individual qualifier to the state cross country meet last year at the race that I thought would give me some competition.  He told me that his time this evening was the slowest 5k he has ever ran.  So no one got PR's today but we had a huge turn out for the race.  The race was done at one of the capitals of the Choctaw Indian Nation and I was very impressed to have the Choctaw Chief be the one to present me with my first place over all medal.  He is a hard guy to get a hold of.  I have lived in the 5 country region of the Choctaw Nation for 4 years now and this was the first time for me to meet the chief.  They took my photo with him as I got my award.  It was very cool.  I had a great time.  Tomorrow I get to look at the race data to see how I did.  

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