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2019-07-08 3:39 PM

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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: 07.08.2019 Monday Morning Training

5:45 AM: 50-minute bike trainer work out.  This was on the schedule for 8x2 minute at 120% FTP.  I cut it back to 115% since I haven't been fairing well on the VO2MAX workouts the last couple of weeks (since about the time I redid my FRP text and increased it by 7 Watts), so I cut this back to 115% FTP and instead of dying on the 3rd interval I didn't start dying until the 7th interval.  I felt I made a good call with the adjustment.

Have a great day!

2019-07-08 7:01 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 07.08.2019 Monday Morning Training
That sounds hard! Just 2000 yards total of swimming here.

Had thought I might go to the tri club's OWS session at a local lake tonight, but cool and rainy here all morning so decided to just do it in the pool. Of course it cleared up after noon and is now mid 80's and sunny! Maybe next week.... Have been trying to work up the nerve for a couple weeks now. I think I could physically handle the swimming, at least between docks if not all around the lake (about 1K) at one go, and anyway if I wear fins (anyone who laughs at that can just go to Home Depot and insert a plate and five screws into their elbow and see how it feels!) I could always just dolphin kick for a bit if my arm gets too sore or tired, but still working up the nerve to get the wetsuit on/off! Should be possible but probably not too comfortable.
2019-07-08 8:28 PM
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Subject: RE: 07.08.2019 Monday Morning Training
95 minutes on the trainer. Today was strength day, so a big dose of low cadence stuff.

Did a 20 minute warm up then went after Alpe du Zwift. For those unfamiliar with zwift, Alpe du Zwift is a direct copy of Alpe d’Huez.

Ended up being around 66 minutes of low cadence work. My legs are shot! Happy with that time for my first effort.
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