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2019-07-15 9:23 PM

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Subject: Monday Motivation 7-15-19
Late addition for today.

60 minute trainer session this evening. Heart rate stayed nice and low throughout, making it a nice Z2 ride.

Have a good week!

2019-07-15 9:49 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: Monday Motivation 7-15-19
My addition is late too, since I waited to swim till 6 so that instead of endlessly flapping across the pool, I could flap around the Quinn's Pond (actually, a small manmade lake filled with Boise River water) with the tri club. 2100 meters of swimming. I did wear my wetsuit (one would probably want it anyway---water in high 60's) and fins for all but the last 100m, but made it without long breaks or resorting to dolphin kick to rest. Just stopped for 15-30 seconds at each buoy and then kept going. Breathing to the right and (especially) sighting--probably some of the ugliest in the history of triathlon) is still awkward and a bit uncomfortable but actually felt better than in the pool and not sore afterwards. I have missed swimming outdoors SO MUCH (it's one of my favorite things about tri, unless the water is super cold, there is a big shore break, or one of my competitors rips my skin or my pricey wetsuit); so glad to be back to it.
2019-07-16 6:46 AM
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Subject: RE: Monday Motivation 7-15-19
Yesterday's workouts for me were my 5 minute of body weight workout (2 minute plank, 45 pushups, 35 situps) while my coffee brewed. A few hours later I went on a short run. And the finale was Masters swimming where we did 2500 yards at our hour practice. My lane had two brand new swimmers to our club (they are still working on lane etiquette) so I got a little "mass start" training in as well. I don't think anyone got hurt or much more than brushed against, but they kept me on my toes.

I've got a sprint this weekend, and it's going to be very hot around here for the rest of the week. Training is going to taper off.

J White
2019-07-16 11:26 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: Monday Motivation 7-15-19

I got in a 4-mile evening run.  The first mile was Z3 then I did 2 x 1-mile at Z4 with 1/2 mile recovery intervals in between and a 1/2 mile cool down.   


It was pretty cool in the evening for the run but we are supposed to get hot weather here too for the rest of the week.  The Heat index for today in 101 def F and tomorrow is 107 def F.  Wednesday morning is only going to get to an overnight low of 78 deg F.  Which means my Wednesday morning long run is going to feel sluggish.

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