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Leeds Abbey Dash - Run10k

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Leeds, England
United Kingdom
help the aged
50F / 10C
Total Time = 69m 50s
Overall Rank = 3778/3950
Age Group = FSEN?
Age Group Rank = 700/762
Pre-race routine:

3778 not including dnf, i was 1458 for all females out of 1599

the past few days englands cricket team have been losing/playing a match in brisbane and foolishly i stayed up the first two nights till silly o'clock watching us get our arse firmly handed to us. bloody aussies! the week before i had a virus, nearly fainted several times, including on one of my long runs the week prior. the doctor had said i wasn't to race, but me being naughty thought i'd try a long run (5.5 miles) on monday and judge from that.

long run went well so i rebooked my entry and i was all set (lol!!!!) for my first ever 10k race. i'd decided to do this because my run in my first (and so far only) tri was a mere 2.5k and i was crap! like really crap!

so my alarm clocks goes off at 6.15 am (a time previously seen as i had stayed up all night watching the cricket), dragged my bleary eyed self into a shower, jumped into the taxi (which for once was on time not 10 minutes early - /rant/ if i order a cab at silly o'clock in the morning i am NOT going to be bloody ready 10 minutes before!!! /end rant/), got my train from manchester to leeds with three huge, heavy bags of crap (i was off to belfast later that day for a uni placement). slept a bit on the train, which was soooo cold) and ate a banana, drank lots of water, had two cereal bars and a sports drink; i'd previously had water and dried fruit in manchester.
Event warmup:

get to station, dump bags at left luggage, met random runner who was to show me where to go but i was still faffing; faffing so much i forgot my gels!

eventually escaped the train station, found my way to the sort of start (i.e. in a big crowd, behind a big crowd, behind the fast buggers); i'd done a bit of a walk and a few stretches to warm up - spot the person who doesn't know how to warm up without her bike!

at the start i realised i'd forgotten my gels but hadn't got time to get back to the station....agh! so was a cheeky bastard and asked the fella next to me who looked like a runner if he had any. no but he did give me his banana - we love banana man!
  • 69m 50s
  • 6.21 miles
  • 11m 14s  min/mile

walked to the start line with a load of other people, and then began running at a very steady (i.e. slow) pace. got passed by loads of peeps and managed to pass a few...about three! tried to chat to people but no they had mp3 players on - grrr!!!

by about half way up the up bit the leaders went past, very quickly!!! the lead male won in sub-30!!! i eventually get running next to somebody going a similar pace, and who is sans headphones, so we chat for a good while. just before that i realised my legs were really hot, but no way was i going to stop to take my tights off - and yes i did have shorts underneath;) and by that point my water bottle had stopped jigging about and my long sleeve top was round my waist - didn't want to upset the equilibrium!

the turnaround was through a park and past an abbey (hence the name of the race...yes it took me till then also) and then back. the back was slightly more downhill but on the uphill bit i dropped the girl i'd been chatting to; not on purpose, she just kinda vanished! then just carried on and when i thought i was getting near the end i asked a few people how far to the finish and just picked the pace up a bit. then when the finish line was in sight i 'sprinted' in (and passed a granny - sorry!)!

on the last bit i passed quite a lot of people including two girls who had gallow walked and kept getting in my way! the clock was about 75 mins so i knew i'd beaten my conservative time of 75 minutes, as i started a way back. i'd also managed to run the whole way which i was chuffed with.

the race results weren't out till today and i only got back to where i'm staying at about half ten (at night)as i've been on placement and then had a disaster at the lbs (see my blog for details) and been at the gay youth club. lets just say when i saw my time i honestly couldn't believe it! like not at all, and kept adding 9 minutes to 60 to double/triple/quadruple check!!!

going in to the race i was hoping that i'd beat 75 minutes, and secretly wished for a 72 minute-ish race as i'd been at about 11.30 min/miles in training. beating 70 minutes i hadn't even contemplated! :)

What would you do differently?:

maybe not wear my running tights, and not forget my gels, though the banana did great - thanks eric (note to americans reading won't get that joke!)
Post race
Warm down:

stopped, felt like dying, then queued up for my t-shirt and a bottle of water and feel stupid for not cooling down! saw a few of the peeople i met on the course and before, then ambled back to the station, had my recovery drink, a tuna baguette and did psychological warfare with the attendant in the toilet - stupid, fucking jobsworth bitch is a polite description!*

* imagine the scene, i'm tired, hungry, sweaty, sore and have three huge, heavy bags literally falling apart on me and i need to change. so i go the public bathrooms and offer to pay my 20 pence to go in but can i have the gate open (yes they are pathetic enough to have turnstiles you have to pay in at) so i can bring my luggage trolley through. oh no you're not allowed to do that, argh!!! fortunately fsjb's colleague say i can use the disabled bathroom instead - ok; still have to pay 20 pence and change. head off for a bite then realise that i actually need to pee this time, so go back to said bathroom.

sfjb has to be rung as no-one was there and she immediately said i'm not giving you any change.i say no need, but can i use the disabled bathroom again please. ohhhhhh.....well i got told off last time and i shouldn't let you because what if a disabled person needs to use it? so i said well actually my mother is disabled (well was before she got new hips)so i do understand. and the sfjb said but i can't keep doing this, and you've already been in once! no shit sherlock! but this time i actually need to use the toilet, last time i was just changing, and i have just run 10k and i've drunk a lot and i need to pee.


What limited your ability to perform faster:

nada. best i could've done.

Event comments:

crazy at the finish with queues to get t-shirts and water and quite crowded. didn't see any km markers except the 5k turnaround, which was a bit obvious anyhow! no water stations but plenty of volunteers dealing wih traffic and such along the route.

will definitely come back next year, but with more sleep and i will NOT pee in the station! friendly people, easy route, though a bit dull and a nice t-shirt (cotton but black so not too hideous!)

Last updated: 2006-11-20 12:00 AM
00:69:50 | 06.21 miles | 11m 14s  min/mile
Age Group: 700/762
Overall: 3778/3950
Performance: Good
Course: flat (ish) out and back along a dull road in a dull city. mainly closed to cars till the end and can i just say how peaceful does the sound of thousands of people running sound?
Keeping cool Below average Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 5
Physical exertion [1-5] 5
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? No
Plenty of drinks? No
Post race activities: Below average
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

2006-11-27 6:38 PM

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brummie land
Subject: Leeds Abbey Dash
forgot to add, i have no idea how people can run that far after the swim and bike!

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2006-11-27 8:53 PM
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Malvern, PA
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash
Awesome job Sappho, I had some peeing issues at my last race too, though they were beforehand. Pretty sweet to beat your time, eh?
2006-11-27 10:15 PM
in reply to: #609424

Columbus, Ohio
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash

Great job on beating your goal!!!!   Don't you love when that happens?

I remember when I was in London trying to figure out the bathroom situation.  At least you were able to find one. 

2006-11-28 2:46 AM
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Stirling, Scotland
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash

Massive PB, well done.

MP3's are great as a training aid but who would wear them at a race.

2006-11-28 7:11 AM
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Williamston, Michigan
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash
Awesome Job Jackie COngrats on your first 10K
2006-11-28 2:31 PM
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Parker, Co
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash
I am spending Xmas in Harrogate, do you know of any races over the holidays?

2006-11-28 4:33 PM
in reply to: #610282

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brummie land
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash

not sure but try


how long you over for? there' a 5 miler in manchester new years eve if you're interested, an a 10k up in the lakes decmber 17th, but both are a bit far from harrogate. 

2006-11-29 10:57 AM
in reply to: #610460

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Parker, Co
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash
Staying through the New Year. But those races are too far!
I did find this site though -

Has a few races etc
2006-11-29 3:03 PM
in reply to: #609424

Pembroke, Wales, UK
Subject: RE: Leeds Abbey Dash

great race report
I could imagine being there

my own experience at races and the toilets
is that there's a hugh que for the Mens and no que at all for the Ladies
[like a parallel-world to the usual way around]

I sometimes receive a curious look
Standing next to ladies at the sinks
I guess they're surprised to find a man
after exiting the neighbouring cubicle
to be washing his hands

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