Beginner Triathlete - Motivation articles

author : tonyladd
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photoAddressing the notion of excelling or even getting a PR in all three events in one race.
author : dr_forbush
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photoThe boat was being tossed around. Someone noted that there were whitecaps on the waves. Another guy said, “This is going to be challenging.” I began to wonder what he meant by 'challenging'.
author : Ontherun
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photoMaking goals achievable is an important part of reaching our end goal. Also, having a bar that is set high is important, so we are always striving for something better.
author : mike hall
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photoI finally bit the bullet and asked my doctor if there could be another reason to my lack of success in weight management. I did not like his answer.
author : katzchen55
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photoIf you are suffering from depression like me, take heart - you are not alone. You can use exercise and triathlon training as depression therapy.
author : tripastor
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photoWhat if we applied the lesson of encouragement beyond race day? The right word at the right time can work wonders.
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photoIf a heart patient can do these things, then so can those of you who haven't been split open like a fish and sewn back together.
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photoMy goal is always to lead by example, and after running the marathon and becoming a volunteer in my hospital's cardiac unit I looked for another way to inspire people. Hello, triathlons!
author : alicefoeller
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photoWhen you can't train the way you want, train the way you can
author : alicefoeller
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photoIf you work through your planned workouts, here's an idea...
author : sethrose
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photoTrain your mind for success
author : alicefoeller
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photoCompleting something difficult, such as a triathlon, is a lesson your mind won't forget
author : Team BT
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photoThe definition of success is overcoming obstacles.
author : SarahWilliams
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photoFive Easy To Apply Mind Hacks to Get You Back in the Game
author : BenAllen
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photoGetting back in the race after a massive injury
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