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2013-05-24 4:15 PM

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Brooklyn, NY
Subject: SBR Multisport
Wow, I just went by SBR Multisport for the first time in months, and it's a completely different place. Half the store is gone--replaced by a tourist-bike rental place. Nearly all the high-end bikes they used to sell are gone. There are bins full of discounted clothes and old demo parts.

The staff wasn't always helpful, but when you engaged them, they were knowledgable. The people working there today seemed better suited to a clothing store in the mall--more interested in the music they were playing than any of the few customers. The bike fit studio was gone as well, a d most of the clothing for sale was their own logo stuff and there was a tiny selection of wetsuits. It seems like they've given up on brick and mortar retail altogether.
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