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2013-06-13 9:20 AM

, British Columbia
Subject: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
What are the bike and run courses like? Are they pretty hilly?

Also, I'v just moved to North Surrey, Looking for good places to run/bike, Any ideas that are near by?

2013-06-13 11:47 AM
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Surrey, BC
Subject: RE: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
0 ave just off of 176th to 274th is a nice and usually quiet place (from cars) to ride.
Try for rides and runs..
2013-06-15 3:19 AM
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Extreme Veteran
Langley, BC, 'Wet Coast' Canada
Subject: RE: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
Welcome to the area. If you are looking for trails with no cars, I would offer Green Timbers Park. There is a tiny lake surrounded by gravel trails.It is located on 100 ave, just west of 148 st.... well that is the main parking area. Nearby tracks include N.Surrey high school at...96?? and 160??. There is also a track at the Catholic school, a bit east of that.There are group rides out of Velocity cycle shop, in n. Langley ... 96 ave and.. 201?? A nice area for cycling, along the fraser river, Derby Reach park then along River road out to Bradner road... some hillls can be tossed in there as well iirc, the rides are tues and thurs evesFeel free to pm me with any questions
2013-06-17 2:57 PM
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Vancouver, BC
Subject: RE: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
I race quite a bit in the Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford area and there is some nice riding out there that you could definitely ride toward. Check out some of the maps for the Spring Series and Sportif series on the EV website. Also, you could check out routes on strava.
2013-06-26 10:25 PM
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Subject: RE: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
0 ave is really nice. I like heading down 96 ave/Golden ears way down towards fort langley/allard crescent.
2013-06-29 12:59 PM
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Kodiak, AK
Subject: RE: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
I'm also wondering about the Vancouver courses. I searched MapMyRide and found the bike course. It looks like there is one hill near the start of the loop, but I'm never good at putting the maps and grades into a real world perspective. I would love know to hear someone's take as to if they consider the bike and run "hilly" or not.

2013-07-02 10:57 PM
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Subject: RE: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
I just rode the course on Sunday.  The first hill is a bit of a beeatch in my opinion, certainly on the fourth lap anyway!.  At the top, there is some false flats, then a net downhill to the turnaround at Kulluhun Dr.  Then it is, logically, net uphill to the little leg, which is a bit rolling.  That brings you to the top of the big hill.  I found that on the way down, the bottom is 'flat' ie you think your momentum would take you to the turnaround, but if you don't pedal towards the bottom, you will lose momentum.  My understanding is that the run is relatively flat along the beach.
2013-07-09 4:33 PM
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Kodiak, AK
Subject: RE: Vancouver Half? + Living in Surrey
Great insight! Thank you. Although I wish you had said..."Oh, that one hill is nothing!"
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