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Subject: OW swimming in Santa Monica this weekend (June 29)
Hey All!

I was wondering if any other newbies would be OW swimming in Santa Monica area on Saturday morning. I am a new swimmer training for my first tri--and i'm going to be in town for the weekend. I don't want to miss a weekend of practice (I have a lot to do before i'm ready in 3 weeks haha)

I'm just trying to decide if #1 i should bother bring my wetsuit and #2 where good, safe places are to get in some distance.

2013-06-28 1:54 PM
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Los Angeles, CA
Subject: RE: OW swimming in Santa Monica this weekend (June 29)
Try 2nd St and Bay Shore in Long Beach instead. It's much safer and the waves and chop are minimal which is good for beginners.

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Subject: RE: OW swimming in Santa Monica this weekend (June 29)
I've been swimming at Belmont Shores in Long Beach every weekend and the water is perfect. Also, there are usually plenty of people swimming there throughout the day.
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