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2013-07-15 10:51 AM

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Subject: Help me choose a wetsuit, TYR vs HUUB vs all the others

Sorry for asking this question again... A few months back I asked for advice on a wetsuit for a strong swimmer. I decided on a HUUB Archimedes but they couldn't deliver by the time I needed it, so I ended up with a Zone 3 Vanquish. Not a success, I returned it and got a refund.

I did learn some lessons with the Vanquish though:

- the number one selling argument for just about all wetsuits is what bothers me most: Buoyancy. They say balanced buoyancy, I say corrective. While I'm not accustomed to wearing a wetsuit I felt that the corrective buoyancy impairs my sighting abilities.

- I want a wetsuit to keep me warm, swimming in 17C is a no go without a wetsuit, but the wetsuits doesn't mention how well they keep the swimmer warm. What I know from surf wetsuits, I doubt I'd Aquasphere swim skin is enough.

So what's the doubt, why not just order the Archimedes? Well, pricetag for one thing, I tried to compare with the Aerious and the only difference - at least in listed key features - are the bicep and calf release panels - worth another £150? While I don't care so much about the bicep release - ok they look cool - I do care about calf release for fast transition.

And to mess up my mind, it turns out that the Tyr C5 is available with discounts at about the same price as the Aerious... Tyr writes their wetsuits are 5mm upper body, core and legs, the same buoyancy throughout, as in 5:5? While Huub is available in 4:4. The Tyr may be too hot, and too(!?) buoyant even if it is actually balanced, and 5 in the legs I suppose it can be hard to get off if that includes the lower legs. I don't know how the Aerious is in terms of not getting stuck around the ankles...

How do the two compare?

Thanks, Erik

2013-07-15 10:58 AM
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Subject: RE: Help me choose a wetsuit, TYR vs HUUB vs all the others
Whichever one fits best is the one to go with. I would put buoyancy, warmth and pretty much everything else starting at item number four with the first three things being Fit, Fit, and Fit.

2013-07-15 11:18 AM
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Subject: RE: Help me choose a wetsuit, TYR vs HUUB vs all the others
I have a 4:4 Aerious.  I have no more trouble getting it off than I did with my Xterra.  As for buoyancy, I do find it a bit less than my Xterra (Vector Pro) was.
2013-07-15 11:43 AM
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San Luis Obispo, CA
Subject: RE: Help me choose a wetsuit, TYR vs HUUB vs all the others
I race wetsuit legal races in the TYR Cat 5. I can't recommend this suit enough, I just bought one for my fiancee. I've had and older Zoot and the TYR Cat 1.
The Cat 5 is much more flexible in the shoulders than the other two. The material, though much thinner than the Cat 1, is much more durable. The Cat 1 is full of nicks and I have yet to nick the Cat 5.
With the thinner material, the Cat 5 is not as warm as the Cat 1.
I also like the "buoyancy panels" in the Cat 5. They are positioned on the abs, thighs and lower back, and they make me horizontal in the water. The Cat 1 seems to lift you everywhere and I feel like my lower legs are too high.

FWIW - One of our local OWS guys just got a Roka "Maverick". He loves it and says its the fastest wetsuit he's worn, but he hates the neck. He gets horrible chaffing and his neck looks like hamburger after a 3k swim.
2013-07-15 6:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Help me choose a wetsuit, TYR vs HUUB vs all the others
When I first put on my wetsuit, I feel like I've been violated, it's so tight! After I get in the water I hold open the neck area. As soon as I get some water into the suit, I can shift it around and reposition it so that my arms have no restrictions. After that, it feels like a second skin!
2013-07-15 9:45 PM
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Broomall, PA
Subject: RE: Help me choose a wetsuit, TYR vs HUUB vs all the others
Strong swimmer and I use the HUUB Archimedes 3:5. I would have gotten the 4:4, but I got an insane deal on the 3:5. I was initially concerned since I already have good balance in the water, but It actually works perfectly for me. I also have a xterra vector pro and I found that to be WAY more buoyant in the legs compared to the HUUB. I don't LOVE the shoulder flexibility, but I also have big broad shoulders, so I bet I'd find any suit to feel restrictive. In general though, it's a great wetsuit.

2013-07-17 7:37 AM
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Subject: RE: Help me choose a wetsuit, TYR vs HUUB vs all the others
I have a Huub Aerious and really like it. I have the 3:5 since for some reason I am like a brick in the water. I haven't had any issues getting the suit off of the ankles, but I do have small ankles though. I find the sizing is pretty good as well since the suit is so stretchy. I sometimes forget that I am even wearing it in the water.
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