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2013-07-16 6:57 PM

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Ottawa, Ontario
Subject: Training in Almonte area
We just moved to Almonte/West End Ottawa area. Looking for open water swim locations. Any tips/groups???

2013-07-17 12:58 PM
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Subject: RE: Training in Almonte area
Hi Emily,

I live in the Almonte area, too. I don't have any answers for you (although Almonte does have a "beach" - using the loosest possible definition of that term, at the fairgrounds that is staffed with lifeguards on weekends. I haven't tried swimming there, but you could probably do some OWSing beyond the rope there.). I am mainly replying to say hi - always nice to "meet" more people from the area.

In any event, let me know what you find out about swimming!


2013-07-20 3:46 PM
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Ottawa, Ontario
Subject: RE: Training in Almonte area
Hi Heather!
I saw the beach and your description fits nicely.
Someone told me that White lake has a beach just outside of Arnprior near the four corners (where ever that is...) and Robb lake south of Clayton is popular for swimming too.
I plan to check out these areas over the next few weeks. I'll let you know.
2013-07-25 8:26 AM
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Subject: RE: Training in Almonte area
Hi Emily,

I'm in Kanata, so can't really help out too much (I am fortunate to have been able to swim regularly with some masters friends at Meech Lake in Gatineau). Heather was actually offering advice to me on the same question not that long ago - thanks Heather !

I did however do a race in Carleton Place the other week (maybe you were there too - Graham Beasley ?); the swim was in the Mississippi and it seemed like an ok place to swim. I went out the week before the race as well and although the current was a bit stronger it was fine and seemed clean enough. Over the river from the race site at the end of John St there was a 'beach' (again a bit of a loose description !) with a lifeguard. I'm not sure if there are any other spots on the Mississippi between you and Carleton Place, but thought I would mention that as another possible option, in case any of the lakes nearby don't work !

Good luck finding something,
2013-07-28 5:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Training in Almonte area

My wife and I swam in the Madawaska at the Claybanks launch. We followed the shore line (as best we could!!) on the right hand side. It's about 1.25 km to the end of the shore line. The water was fairly warm.
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