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2013-07-31 8:59 AM


Subject: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
Hi everyone. I'm doing my first Try a tri at Guelph Lake on August 31st. Would love to know a bit about the course if anyone has any info. Thanks!

2013-07-31 9:00 AM
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Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
Also, do I need a WET SUIT??
2013-07-31 9:10 AM
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Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
Hooray! Exciting for you!! Guelph 2 TaT was my first race last year. I didn't use a wetsuit... the water was plenty warm. However, as it was such a hot/dry summer, the water level was very low and the start was very rocky and mucky where it should have been swimmable. I found the run from the lake up to the transition area challenging, as its a big hill, but enough time to shake off the dizzies from the water. The bike was nice... a couple of rolling hills and as i recall, just one bigger hill that i lost my gearing on, but otherwise a nice quick ride. I didn't notice much about road quality as i was on a mountain bike. The run was filled with lots of little/short steep hills that I was not anticipating, and cars were driving on the park road right on your heels, which was a little un-nerving, but lots of campers in the park were there cheering, which was great! The last 100m to the finish is a big downhill. YAY!

btw, if you're really curious, here is a video that someone made with a camera on their head of the whole race in real time. They are a FOPer, so where I saw lines of people in front of me, he saw nothing but open road! Having never done anything like this, it was a cool perspective.

If you just put in "Guelph Lake 2 Try a Tri" in YouTube, you'll get a bunch of hits to give you a flavour for the day.

That race was enough to get me to sign up for 3 sprints this year. I'm LOVING it!!! Have a great race
2013-07-31 9:15 AM
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Rural Ontario
Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
The reservoir is quite warm by late august - some years its almost too warm for a wetsuit. The only reason towear a suit is if you're a weak swimmen and need it as floatation aid.

The reservoir swim can be a bit 'icky' - watch out for goose poop on shore and expect murcky water. I try not to swallow too much water.

The bike course - first bit in the park is tricky as its narrow and there are some speeed-bumps. Once you get on the country road its fine, expect a standard country road surface - not buttery smooth, but no too many potholes.

The run is in the park - some undulations that make for painful little climbs and it always seems too hot in Gueph when running.

Good luck.
2013-07-31 1:35 PM
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Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
The year I went to do Guelph Lake 2 - I had swam in the lake the week before it was hot and the water was yucky with goose poop.

On race day it was raining with a howling wind and pretty cold to boot. They ended up cancelling the swim.

So you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather!
2013-07-31 3:32 PM
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Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri

It was my first ever triathlon.

I would not go with a wetsuit but just my opinion.

* nice water not as bad as I was expecting in terms of quality
* at the end had to watch out for giant rocks as I had to walk quite a ways
* run up hill to transition - I just walked (400m)

* nice course, on the way out and into the park a few speed bumps but nothing unmanageable
* one hill nothing that steep but enough for me

* nice course, one gradual uphill

I would recommend it. Great way to get started into the sport.

2013-07-31 4:52 PM
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Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
I always like to finish the season with this venue - it is fun and very well organized; the food after the race makes it worth while

Last year - the swim was not so nice - water level was too low so we started in mud 250m off the usual start line where they could find water... and walked out in

- No wet suit required -

The walk up the hill warms you up for the 'hill' on the course

The run is fun and challenging over 2.5k

Have fun and welcome to this challenging 'hobby'


2013-08-08 12:34 PM
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St Catharines, Ontario
Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
Guelph Lake II Try a Tri is my first as well. I will be the pot bellied guy looking ultra confident before the swim.

Hoping to pick up some tri shorts for the swim this weekend.

You can always watch this guys video who did the whole thing with a camera stapped to his head!

Helpful for research and getting the transition layout clear.

NOTE: Just noticed video posted above!

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2013-08-13 12:24 PM
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St Catharines, Ontario
Subject: RE: Guelph Lake II Try a Tri
Both Guelph beaches open now with good water quality tests.
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