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2013-08-21 12:31 PM

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Austin, Texas
Subject: Bike P0rn (fetishistic stuff for the cult of aero). Z4+/A2

This is probably better in the gear review section, but I really like these pics of the bike (more about pretty pics than a gear review!). 

I recently put the Z4+ from Inviscid, with the A2 bottle, on my P2C and have been very happy with the functionality - and it looks so cool... 

Having the Garmin front and center is easier to read, and the straw right there makes drinking without coming out of aero much easier.  In the HIM last weekend (Timberman - talk about an aswesome day, but that's another story), I only had to refill it a couple times during the race - and did so whilst climbing, so there was no aero penalty.  Plus, I removed the downtube bottle holder and went with 2 behind the seat - very slippery, but plenty of drink!  Felt all pro.  Tongue out

And for those concerned about the 3-4W you lose from having a straw stickin' up, note the slick clip the Z4+ has to hold it down.  Wink  All I had to do was push the tip toward my mouth with my right hand and sip away - then the straw popped nicely back into place.

I have no affiliation with these folks (like I'm gonna get sponsored? Ha!), but like to give a shout out when something works for me.  YMMV, but I thought it just looked too good not to post up...

TOYS!!!  Laughing


(photo 2.JPG)

(photo 1.JPG)

(photo 3.JPG)

photo 2.JPG (700KB - 10 downloads)
photo 1.JPG (652KB - 4 downloads)
photo 3.JPG (774KB - 6 downloads)

2013-08-21 2:45 PM
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Knoxville area
Subject: RE: Bike P0rn (fetishistic stuff for the cult of aero). Z4+/A2
looking good!
2013-08-21 4:24 PM
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Houston, Texas
Subject: RE: Bike P0rn (fetishistic stuff for the cult of aero). Z4+/A2
Hmmm, been looking for a good way to mount my computer with the BTA bottle....thanks for the review!
2013-08-21 4:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike P0rn (fetishistic stuff for the cult of aero). Z4+/A2
Looking Good! the one with the two dogs
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