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2013-09-04 10:59 PM

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Subject: Choosing aero bars
How does one go about choosing the correct areo bar. As far as the style or shape i would like them with the bend on the end so i can comfortably grip them. My question is what about length? Aside from trial and error is there a way to get the right ones with out much trouble. If it helps I ride a 58cm specialized roubaix, I am 6'2".

2013-09-05 5:20 AM
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Subject: RE: Choosing aero bars
to find the perfect ones... it's going to be trial and error.

On a road bike I like for most people to be on a set of shorty bars. Profile Design and Vision both make some nice clip on sets, among others.

The best way to "estimate" length (sight unseen) is to ride with your forearms on top of your drop bars, and measure *about* how much of your arm sticks out.
2013-09-05 5:48 AM
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Subject: RE: Choosing aero bars
You should aero bars based on two criteria. First, your bike set up. In your case, I would highly recommend ITU (aka. Shortie) bars, which allows you to maintain your road position, while still get the benefit of slotting in to an aero position. You want to maintain the balance of the bike by keeping your saddle set back (once you fix that position, don't mock with it). Second criteria is your reach, specifically your lower arm length. The elbow pad should be slightly ahead of your elbow on your forearm. If you make a fist and then measure from your elbow to your grip in the middle of the fist, then you have a good idea of what length you will need. This formula won't work too well with ITU bars since you will be riding those further down on your forearm.
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