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Subject: FULL SERVICE COACH $89/Month with special sales going on now
Hi all,

My name is Scott Proscia, BS ATC M.Ed I am the Head Performance Coach at IREP ATHLETICS. Check out our current deal.

For a limited time only we will be offering a special promotional price for our endurance athlete coaching package. Sign up today and lock in for 2014 by paying for January at $89.00 per month and receive now until January 1st for FREE. There are no long term contracts and no obligation to continue after January 31st. Contact us at to take advantage of this sale or to see our other customizable plans.

This package includes the following:

2 coaches will be working with every athlete to design a customized plan for each athlete

• Basic Training Peaks Account ( – Workouts are analyzed and programming is set weekly or as needed to best suit athlete needs delivered online with email updates daily. Program changes made upon request
• Customized Strength Training, Core development and Dynamic Mobility plan developed by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
• Lactic Threshold Power and/or Heart rate testing for clients using HR or Power
• V02 Max Testing
• Heart rate and Power level zone assignment and evaluation
• Annual Training Plan Development
• Race Execution Planning
• Unlimited contact through Training Peaks and phone calls as needed
• Workout data analysis and feedback
• One annual Strength and Conditioning/ Mobility Screen Session (local athletes only)
•One annual gait analysis (delivered video or in person for local athletes)
• Coaches ride – Coach will ride with athlete and provide technique feedback(local athletes only – available dates will be posted throughout season)

Best in Health,


Scott Proscia, BS ATC M.Ed
Head Performance Coach
[email protected]

Anthony Ross, CSCS ATC
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
[email protected]

2013-12-09 9:37 PM
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Subject: RE: FULL SERVICE COACH $89/Month with special sales going on now
I.R.E.P Athletics is offering Gift Certificate Packages $500 FOR 6 MONTHS OF 2 ON 1 COACHING act now new client rates will be going up in 2014. Holiday Gift Certificate is good for 6 month new client subscription for IREP ATHLETICS LLC 2 on 1 full-time coaching package or 6 month add-on to conclusion of current client subscription.

Scott Proscia, BS ATC M.Ed and Anthony Ross CSCS ATC have been involved in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science for over 10 years each. Prior to our relocation to Ohio we worked as Certified Athletic Trainers at Forme Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. Where we each served terms as the Director of the Athletic Training Program at Forme, overseeing Athletic Trainers at seven local high schools while providing full time Athletic Training duties at New Rochelle High School. NRHS has a socio-economic and culturally diverse population with more than 1,100 highly competitive student athletes. We had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of athletic teams and athletes, from their sectional champion football team to their rugby and national level competitive cheerleading teams. We enjoy the opportunity to help foster excellence, character and confidence through relationships with our athletes and their families. During the summer months, through Forme, we had the opportunity to work with teams and in one-on-one settings doing strength and conditioning programs. Where we would work to rehabilitate all levels of athletes in the community, from junior high, to college Division 1A, to athletes playing on professional teams internationally.

Currently we teach full-time a program called Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy at Great Oaks a Career and Technical Center. We are on Staff at Beacon Orthopedics where we practice professionally on an as needed basis. We started IREP Athletics LLC to get back to our passion of working with athletes and teams. We currently work with many local and satellite athletes from local triathletes, marathoners, to elite distance runners in the United States Marine Corps, to beginner short course triathletes on the east coast, to Livestrong Foundation Cyclists in upstate New York as some examples.

With IREP you not only get the traditional triathlon programming but two coaches analyzing your data that collaborate and design together your program to your specific needs and goals that address your functional strength and mobility needs as well.

We start off meeting our local athletes and do a diagnostic assessment including gait analysis

Assessments included:

•Video Gait Analysis
•Modified Trendelenburg's Hip Abductor Strength Test
•Plank/Core Hold Test
•Side Lying Hip Abduction with Extension Test
•Overhead Squat Test
•Sit and Reach Flexibility Test
•Shoulder Mobility Scratch Test
•Single Leg Balance Proprioception Test

We also include baseline heart rate and zone testing when appropriate as part of the training programming.
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